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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

Cut to Andie reading a note from the English teacher: "Dear Class: Went home with a cold that was considerably more important than you. The test is still on for tomorrow; study the sample questions. Until then, hardly yours, Mr. Peterson." Dear Mr. Peterson: You rule. Love, Sars. Anyway, the key members of the gang have gathered to hear the note, and Chris suggests to Jen that they have their own study session at his house since his "folks are in St. Maarten," and Jen basically says "as if" and walks off, but Chris swears he has "no ulterior motives" and, apparently to prove it, tells her to invite her friends. Memo to the writers: since all of these people go to the SAME school in a tiny TINY town, most of them have known each other since first grade, and thus Chris probably knows "Jen's friends" better than Jen does. Anyway, Chris offers his house as a studying venue, and Pacey has to convince Andie to go to Chris's instead of to "the city library" because Chris's parents have a huge house and a satellite dish, and Andie gives in, and Jen gives in too and takes Chris's arm, and over the river and through the woods to Chris's house they go.

Capeside High exterior. Andie inquires into Joey's study plans; Joey plans to spend the evening with her lit book and "a loud crying baby." Andie asks Joey to come to Chris's study hootenanny because she "can't do this alone," but Joey seriously doubts that "Chris Wolf [would] provide a suitable study environment" and thinks she'll take her chances with the squalling infant. Andie assures Joey that she has "mega-control of this event." Meanwhile, Pacey tries to interest Dawson in coming to Chris's, and Dawson can't believe Pacey actually wants to study, but he agrees to go and opens the door of Chris's Suburban to find an uncomfortable Joey already in the back seat.

Boggle. Buddy Lee. 1-800-HAHANOT.

Over at Chateau Loup, Chris points his awkwardly milling guests to the TV and to the Jacuzzi and sauna and to the kitchen. Pacey sneaks off to watch television while Joey sarcastically whispers to Andie, "Sounds like we're going to get a lot of studying done." Andie reminds her, "I'm in complete control here." Chris introduces his little sister Dina, who has glasses and a Mare Winningham-in-"St. Elmo's Fire" haircut and a metallic choker necklace so tight that I had a flashback to the scene in "The Godfather" when Sonny has Connie's husband garroted in the front seat of the car. Chris observes pointedly that Dina promised to stay out of the way. Andie outlines the requirements for an ideal study environment, realizes that Pacey has vanished, and storms into the TV room/bar where Pacey has kicked back in front of "'The Three Stooges' in Cantonese" and demands to know why he "insist[s] on undermining her at every opportunity." Well, Andie, maybe Pacey has gotten as sick of the Lisa-Simpson-on-amyl-nitrate routine as the rest of us. Pacey whines, "I wanna watch teeee-veeee," but he follows Andie into the dining room, where she proceeds to outline her super-disciplined plan for covering all the material, and while Andie rambles on about fifteen-minute breaks and finishing by midnight, Joey gazes hopefully at Dawson and Dawson avoids her eyes, and Chris and Jen look skeptical. After Andie mentions the "speed round" and "a good night's sleep," Chris asks if anyone wants to order a pizza and Pacey tries to get Andie to chill out. Number of shots in this sequence of Dawson's hugely flared nostrils violating local zoning ordinances: 3.

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