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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

In the wine pantry, Chris talks pretentiously about wine and says something about choosing "quality over labels." Shut up, Chris. Jen says porquettishly, "I think we're getting to know each other minus sexual overtones." Shut up, Jen. Chris feigns a look of injury and says, "Well, it is possible. You know, Jen, it bothers me that you think the worst about me. I don't about you," as he opens the bottle of wine. Shut up, Chris. Jen refers to their "previous encounters" and Chris's "reputation" and asks, "What would you expect me to assume?" Shut up, Jen. Chris responds, "That we're a lot alike, that reputations aren't worth the air they're written on, and that the only way to get to know someone is -- by getting to know them." Shut up, Chris. Jen says, "Deal," and they shake hands, but Chris doesn't "want to let go just yet." Shut up, Chris. And stop letting your mother cut your hair. Number of ears Chris borrowed from Prince Charles without asking: 2.

Andie quizzes the gang on "the most famous of the Romantic poets." Most of the gang drinks soda or something out of blue glasses, but Jen the erstwhile New York sophisticate drinks Chris's pretentious red wine. Nobody knows the answer to Andie's question. Chris swaggers in and quotes a couplet of Hardy to Jen, something about "two beings were drifting, each one to the other," which doesn't sound like Hardy to me, or to Andie, who says, "Verrrrry impressive, but wrong-o," and calls on Pacey, who quotes Green Eggs And Ham, and the gang chuckles, and I must admit that I did too. Joey finally gets the right answer with "Keats." Also "wrong-o" -- Wordsworth much? -- but we won't go there right now. Andie asks for his most famous poem, and as Joey thinks it over, Dawson glares at Joey and says with great portent, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" (technically, "wrong-o" on this one too -- "Ode On A Grecian Urn" much?), and Joey says that he got it right, and that she forgot. Dawson smugly replies, "It would seem so." Joey gives him a deadly look. Chris suggests hitting the hot tub and "chilling out a little bit," but Andie says they have chilled out enough and they need to focus. Then Chris spots Andie's copy of Jane. Ruh-roh (tm Wing)! Looks like everyone will have to take the purity test! And, fortunately, we didn't see this coming ages ago! Not! We did! Andie tries to keep everyone at the table, but Chris overrules her with, "Come on, Lieutenant. I vote for one last bonding event before we get back to academic torture," and heads for the living room while paging through the magazine, and everyone stupidly follows him. Gimme an N! Gimme an O! Gimme a T! What does it spell? NOT!

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