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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

In the living room, Andie continues to boss everyone around by administering the quiz. Paper and pencils get handed out as Andie explains the rules, namely that they will take turns asking the 100 questions on the test, and write their answers down on a sheet. Pacey reads the first question: "Have you ever been intimately aroused by a relative? Oh, so it's a Southern test, huh?" Heh, heh -- did I mention that Pacey is starting to grow on me? Oh, and nice shout-out to the North Carolina shooting locale by the writers -- ouch! People read out various questions; when Chris reads a question ending, "In your parents' bed," Jen smirks as she scribbles. Dawson reads one about catching your parents having sex, and he smiles wryly. When Jen reads "number 69," everyone starts moaning and giggling. How high-school. Joey reads one about having sex with someone of the same sex, and I realize that we have seen neither Mitch "Queen of the No-Tell Motel" Leery, nor Jack "Still Not Gay Yet" McPhee, nor Abby "Proto-Sappho" Morgan, in this episode. Questions about transvestites and bestiality. Dawson reads one about paying for sex, and Chris quips, "Does dinner count?" Like, ha ha. Not. Oh, and also, shut up, Chris. Andie's next question: "Have you ever fantasized about a friend's significant other?" Jen and Joey exchange a look, which makes no sense because I doubt they think of each other as friends, but whatever. Andie notes that the room has gotten quiet all of a sudden. More questions. Joey gets the hundredth question, and it rattles her: "Uh, have you ever been in love -- if so how many times, give yourself a point of purity for each time." Dawson looks intensely at Joey, but she looks away as everyone adds up their scores; Joey gets up and leaves the room as Dawson stares after her.

In the kitchen, Joey leafs through a book. Dawson comes in and Joey cuts him off before he can start an argument: "Not now, Dawson." Dawson says he saw the look on her face when she read the last question. Joey wants to know if he calls this "space." Dawson says she can go anytime but he doesn't see her "making a rush for the door." Joey came to study, she says, and didn't know Dawson would be there. Dawson: "Is it so awful that I'm here?" Joey: "No! Stop putting words into my mouth. I asked for time, Dawson, just time. Please respect that." Go, Joey. Oh, and Dawson? Shut up. As Joey leaves the kitchen, Chris's little sister Dina intones, "Issues. Dawson, right?" and introduces herself again "in case [Dawson] didn't remember." Dawson gives her a "whatever" look and asks where to find the coffee. Dina asks, "Drip or instant?" and when Dawson replies, "Drip," Dina snorts and says, "Appropriate." Excuse me a moment -- BA HA HAAAAA! Okay, sorry about that. Anyway, Dina wants Dawson to "fill her in on the details of [his] little love affair," but Dawson would rather not discuss it. Dina says, "You're right, Dawson. Why talk? People like you and me[sic], we can -- say everything with a look," and she gazes soggily at Dawson and wiggles her eyebrows, and a nonplused Dawson raises his gigantic eyebrows and looks for a way to escape. Number of suits filed by the producers of My So-Called Life for ripping off the plot from the "Weekend" episode, in which Danielle Chase had a crush on Brian Krakow: 1.

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