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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

Inside, Chris calls up to Jen that the hot tub is "ready." Jen comes down in a blue bathrobe as Dawson rounds a corner and says, "Dawson -- what, you're not going in?" Dawson wants to talk to Jen, and tells her, "I'm worried Chris doesn't exactly have the best intentions here." Uh duh, Dawson, and, um, Dawson? Shut up. Jen: "Tell me something I don't know." Dawson, worried that everyone will get laid tonight except him, tells Jen that Chris plans to sleep with her tonight. Jen tells Dawson that, given Chris's status as a sixteen-year-old guy, yes, she assumes "he's got some sort of agenda." Go, Jen, especially for turning that condescending tone of voice around on Count Chocula for a change. Dawson asks, "And you're okay with that?" Jen snaps, "Just because he has some sort of master plan doesn't mean that I've gotta go along with it." As Dawson stammers "okay," Jen continues, "And for that matter, why do you assume that I don't have a plan of my own?" and leaves Dawson standing there choking on his so-called concern. I would like to welcome Jen to the land of vertebrates. [Word. I loved that scene, and Jen kicked a great deal of ass in it. -- Wing Chun]

As Jen walks off, Dina says, "Psst -- gorgeous!" to Dawson. Gimme an E! Gimme a W! What does it spell? EW! Dawson asks her if she hides "in the vents." Heh. Dina says, "So you dated both of 'em, huh?" Dawson says she certainly does "her research." Dina: "So, which one's the one?" Dawson looks confused until Dina reminds him of his answer on the test, and asks, "So, is it Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts?" No comment. Well, maybe one comment -- shut up, Dina. Dawson demands to know how she got his test; Dina holds up a sheaf of answer sheets, and Dawson tries to grab them, but she runs part-way up the stairs and says, "Not so fast! I have one you'll want much more," and holds up a sheet that Dawson identifies as "Joey's?" Dina notes that Joey "puts a little smiley face in her "o"s, which sort of makes Dina want to puke, and which Joey as characterized would obviously never do in the first place. [Yeah; when Dina said that I assumed that meant that she had Andie's answer sheet, since that is the kind of thing Andie might do. -- Wing Chun] Dawson wants to see it, but Dina again says, "Not so fast -- this toll has a fee," and purses her lips like a fish so that Dawson can kiss her. Bleh. Dawson tells her that won't happen. An offended Dina then reveals Joey's answer to the last question: "It seems while you've only been in love once, according to you-know-who's answer sheet she's been in love twice." Dina brushes past Dawson with a victorious smirk. Number of times Dina got whacked with the ugly stick: 10.

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