Dawson's Creek
The Anti-Prom

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The Anti-Prom

Inside, Gale makes The Flash sit down in a chair, and she kneels in front of him, and she unzips his -- no, no, she doesn't, but she does admit that she's felt afraid of screwing up and making the same mistakes twice, but she wants to get back with him, screw-ups be damned. Joey and Dawson wander in and watch the whole scene unfolding, like, get some manners, young'uns. Anyway, The Flash impersonates a straight man long enough to hike his tongue down Gale's throat, and the kids look on uncomfortably, and Joey shoots a "whatever" look at a condescendingly smiling Dawson, whose hair looks like a pinwheel that got run through a paper shredder.

That's it for me for Season 3. Next week, Wing Chun faces off against the season finale, in which Pacey paints "ASK ME TO STAY" on the wall he bought for Joey, Joey dances with Dawson some more (and cries some more), and Dawson treats Joey to yet another all-expenses-paid guilt trip. See you in October.

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