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The Anti-Prom

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The Anti-Prom

On the front steps of Capeside High, Andie, Joey, and Dawson encourage Jack to file a formal complaint, but Jack, his head resting on his arms, doesn't want to deal with it; he appreciates their support, but "it's okay, I'm just not gonna go to the prom." Andie says he has to go, and Joey says that "at this point, it's political," and Jack says that's his point: "It's a prom, it's supposed to be fun. I mean, why does my entire life have to be a fight? Why does something that's normal for everyone else have to be so political for me?" Andie says that until things change in that regard, Jack has to fight, and Joey says they'll support him "all the way," but Jack isn't having it. Andie announces that, if Jack's not going, she's not going either. Joey's on board with that. Dawson's eyebrow shoots up in alarm, because if he and Joey don't go to the prom together, he'll lose his chance to manipulate her emotionally by dredging up times gone by -- oh, I mean, "win her back."

As the others discuss picketing the prom, Dawson sits up and suggests, "Let's hold our own prom. Right? An alternative prom. Think about it -- why are we paying eighty bucks a pop to sit where they tell us to sit, eat rubbery chicken, and listen to a selection of Barbara Johns's favorite tunes, when we could hold the anti-prom?" The others look thoughtful as Dawson finishes, "Where it's not about who you bring, it's about who you are." Uh, Dawson? Oh, forget it. Joey nods and says, "I like it," Andie agrees, and they both look expectantly at Jack, who laughs, "Yeah -- what would an alternative prom be without a couple of gay guys?" Dawson smiles a self-congratulatory smile, and Joey gives him an admiring smile of her own, as if he'd actually come up with the idea for Jack's benefit and not as a way to circle Joey off from the herd and hamstring her.

At the International House Of Fishcakes (tm Wing Chun), Dawson pitches the idea to his parents. The Flash says that Dawson has obviously given it a lot of thought, and he asks why; Dawson shrugs and says that "big things are happening all around," then concedes that he's "trying to facilitate my own big thing, if the answer is yes." And by "my own big thing," does he mean his massive cranial -- no, I can't. Too easy. Long story short, Gale and The Flash agree to host the anti-prom at the IHOF, but only if they can chaperone. Dawson says okay and heads off to hang some flyers. Gale and The Flash discuss Dawson's reaction to what he saw yesterday, and then The Flash wants to discuss their relationship, but Gale, distracted by the presence of cayenne pepper in the marinara, says she just wants to see where it leads and not analyze it to death. The Flash looks annoyed.

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