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The Anti-Prom

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The Anti-Prom

Elsewhere, Jen says that they can talk about other things besides sex. Henry says of course they can, but he can't come up with a topic off the top of his head. "Summer," Jen suggests, and she outlines a few of the things she thought they could do, like day trips to Nantucket and concerts "up in Boston," and for the last time, Boston is down from the Cape, not up, unless Capeside is Lower Cape, in which case Boston is over, not up. Buy a map, writers. Henry says they can do those things after he returns from eight weeks of football camp in Cleveland. Jen gets mad because he's "leaving [her] for the whole summer" and it's the first she's heard of it, and bitches him out for springing it on her at the prom; Henry doesn't understand why she's getting so bent out of shape, and frankly neither do I. Then she says that he can forget about any hope he cherished of getting laid that night, to which he responds that he thought they'd already decided they wouldn't have sex, and Jen sneers that she only said that to alleviate the pressure and "make it seem spontaneous when [we] actually do it -- of course there's a chance, it's our prom." She trucks on out of there. Henry makes a "wuh duh fuh?" face and says, "Damn!" Whatever, Jen. Quit yanking his chain; it's getting old.

Pacey and Andie, dancing. Pacey gives Dawson and Joey the stink-eye, then looks away; the camera pans back to Dawson and Joey. Joey starts to look pissed and says, "Can I ask a brazen but obvious question?" "Brazen"? I take a stroll over to the post office to express-mail a copy of the dictionary to Wilmington, NC, and when I get back, Dawson says, "Yeah, of course." Joey asks why he brought her to the prom: "Was it just so you could throw jabs at Pacey?" Dawson denies this, saying he didn't even know Pacey would come, but Joey demands, "You don't think I get the subtext of every one of those looks you keep throwing his way? I mean, Dawson, you might as well get on the PA and scream, 'She's mine, Pacey, ha! I win.'" Zing! And yet, you went with him anyway, Joey, and you've continued to dance with him, so whatever.

Dawson extends his nostrils, sending everyone else on the dance floor tumbling ass-over-tip into the seating area, and snips, "Actually, that's not what I'm thinking." "Then what are you thinking?" Joey asks, and Dawson priggishly says he's thinking that Pacey has no right to show up at Dawson's mother's restaurant to a prom that Dawson organized, and he wants to know what Pacey's trying to accomplish. Joey says that, given the spirit of the anti-prom, Dawson has no right to exclude anyone; Dawson nonsensically says that he isn't excluding Pacey, he just hasn't "said a word to him." Joey sneers that that hasn't stopped Dawson from "parading" her around all night "like [she's] some sort of a prize," and while I agree with her, I must again point out that she's submitted herself to it, so I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for her. Dawson again denies doing any such thing, saying that Joey's his date and he's dancing with her: "It's not my fault [Pacey] keeps staring at us." Joey grumbles that no, it's not Dawson's fault, it's not anybody's fault, "it's just happening, and who cares what it's doing to me," and she glares at him, and yet again I have to call that off-sides -- I'm not defending Dawson, mind, but Joey's woe-is-me routine has gotten almost as tiresome as Dawson's ludicrous self-absorption. Dawson suggests that they start over: "It's just Dawson and Joey, at the prom, having a good time, okay?" Joey starts to submit, then throws a glance at Pacey before saying, "I need a breather," and leaving Stalker, Texas Ranger alone on the dance floor to shake it off.

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