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Post-party. Jen, Joey and Jack creep semi-silently into Grams's kitchen and troll the cupboard for cookies. Joey wants all the gory details about the cute boy that Jen met, and Jen reluctantly offers up Charlie's name. "Charlie's cute!" Joey squeals as she hoists herself up onto the kitchen counter. "In a Dumb Guy With A Dream kind of way," Jack snarks. "Charlie is not dumb!" Jen protests. Heh. She wanders over to another cabinet. "If there are cookies in these cupboards, I will devote my life to God and his teachings," she says, before unearthing some Mint Milanos on the second shelf. "Ah, music to my ears, Jennifah," Grams says, predictably but amusingly, as she enters the kitchen in her robe. The three Js apologize for waking her. "Nonsense. I can sleep when I'm dead," Grams insists. "Jen met a boy!" Joey shares. "Charlie. He's not dumb," Jack says. "It's about time," Grams says, opening the cookies. Aww. Something about Grams just warms the cockles of my cold dead heart. It might be the cookies.

The next morning, Joey takes the Walk Of Shame -- well, I guess it can't really be the Walk Of Shame if she's coming back from Jen's, but whatever. She's walking back to the dorm. Along with the walking, there's a whole lot of Thoughtful Gazing At The Hallowed Halls Of Learning, and some sick-making circular camera work, and then some Dawning Of Realization as regards Joey's New Life and The Achievement Of Her Dreams, with a little bit of Excitement About Things Outside Capeside thrown in for good measure. Then she goes inside.

And whom does Joey meet leaving her dorm room, his shirt half-untucked? Econ Boy. They don't say anything to each other, but Econ Boy has the good grace to blush. Joey opens her door, finding Audrey sleeping peacefully. She flings herself on her own bed and closes her eyes. There's a knock at the door. Joey tries to make Audrey greet their guest, but her roommate is dead to the world. So Joey peels herself off her Unusually Large Bed and opens the door, to find…Dawson. Joey throws her arms around him. I vomit everywhere.

Next week: No previews, but I predict much unpleasantness.

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