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Set Of The Worst Movie Ever, Directed By The Mayor Of Tool Town, With A Special Appearance By The Tooliest Intern In The History Of Hollywood. Todd swaggers over to Dawson and sits right down next to him. "So what's the verdict, intern?" he asks, nodding at the script. Dawson tells him that it does, indeed, suck. "What's wrong with it?" Todd asks. "There's a monkey in it," Dawson replies. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a movie called Dunston Checks In involve a monkey? Mayhap this is the writers' subtle way of telling the audience that Dawson is a primate. Also: great constructive criticism there, Dawson. I, personally, can think of some pretty great monkey movies! Like, say, Ed, starring Matt LeBlanc. Okay, bad example. King Kong? Anyway, Todd doesn't really care about Dawson's thoughts and feeling as regards the Monkey Script; he just wants to waste precious time on set, talking up the intern. Cue further chattering, during the course of which Todd asks Dawson what he "wants to be when [he] grows up." Dawson smarms, of course, that he wants to be a great director. Todd wonders what he's doing toward that end. "USC Film School," Dawson says proudly. "Film school is for pussies," Todd says. Whoa. Wait. You can say "pussy" on network TV now? At 8 p.m.? Rock. Dawson looks mildly taken aback. "Uh. I made a documentary last year," he offers, then tells Todd he's welcome to take a look at it. Todd turns this proposition down flat, explaining that if the documentary sucks, he's in the awkward position of having to find something nice to say about it, and if it's good, he'll feel all jealous and cruddy. Dawson sort of nods, and Todd heads back to the action. "Welcome to Hollywood, Dawson," Todd throws over his shoulder. Whatever. Like a director -- in the middle of a shoot, no less! -- would ever have time to go and sit and chit-chat with an intern. In reality, Dawson would probably spend his entire first day Xeroxing scripts and getting people coffee. In the office, not on the set.

La fête de fraternité. This is the biggest frat party I've ever seen; it spills out onto a lawn-type thing, where a band plays. Other than that -- and other than the fact that the band is covering Flock of Seagulls rather than, say, Limp Bizkit -- it's your typical college beer bash; people are wandering around holding plastic cups as the music howls and drunk people vomit and fall over. Good times. While Joey waits in the line for the keg, Audrey hops on the stage and starts singing along with the band. She sounds really good, and I wonder if that's Busy Philipps's real voice. Joey caresses her beer, and watches Audrey and smiles in spite of herself. She then turns to head back into the frat and runs into this guy with bangs. Like, literally runs right into him. He recognizes her from their Economics class. "You're C10," he says. Joey furrows her brow. "What did you call me?" she asks. "Row C, Seat 10. That's where you sit everyday," Econ Boy explains, before going into excruciating detail about the way she plays with her hair during lecture. That explains the split ends, I guess. "Okay, I'm officially creeping you out, aren't I?" he says. Joey swears that he isn't, but when he asks if she'd like to go inside and chat, she blows him off. Econ's face falls, and he half-heartedly offers that it was nice talking to her. Joey agrees, and they go their separate ways.

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