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Yeah, so anyway. Flip-Flops says that she promised him "fearless academic ego," and he hasn't seen that at all so far from her, so if she can't hack his class, she should just quit. "I'm not a quitter," Joey snips, and Flip-Flops insightfully observes that people love to say that -- it's like they saw it in a movie once and they like the way it sounds. Heh. Joey flounces back over to tell him that she's not "just saying it, okay?" She wanted to take his class to work hard and learn something, not "be personally ridiculed in the process." Flip-Flops tells her sternly that her "heartfelt rant to what's-his-name proved good fodder for the topic at hand," namely that it's hard to write about sex, as her email "aptly proved." He goes on to say that, in the future, if she gets her writing circulated "beyond the campus inbox," she'll always have "some irritable writer type claiming to do better." Huh? Flip-Flops adds that maybe she didn't mean to send it out to everyone, but "whatever, bygones" -- she should declare victory and move on. Joey wants to know where's the victory here. "One down, only a lifetime of proving yourself left to go." Joey joins me in rolling her eyes as Flip-Flops tells her that if she stays in the class, she should "start proving that it's worth it. To one of us, at least." Joey thinks it over and smirks. Uh…okay.

Rapid montage of Boston scenes. Cut to Pacey's car, which Bobby is maligning as they drive to a car dealership to pick up Bobby's gleaming new capitalist wheels. When Pacey sees Bobby's Z8 -- and I won't even try to identify the make of car, but it looks like a Jaguar -- he's disgusted, complaining that Bobby can't possibly afford it because he's not that much older than Pacey. No, Bobby agrees, but he's "so much wiser." Oh, no. I feel another Zen And The Art Of Weary Wall Street Clichés monologue coming on. Sure enough, Bobby launches into a sermon on "what your car says about you." I'll give you the short version because, honestly, who cares -- Pacey's car says that Pacey sucks. So do Pacey's suit and Pacey's facial hair. After grimly enduring a tired boxing metaphor from Bobby, Pacey tries to assert that he's not at Boiler Room to become one with the lifestyle; he's just trying to make rent. I have run out of Vivarin, so it is to my deep dismay that Bobby disagrees with that assertion at hackneyed length, informing Pacey that he doesn't buy that -- he can see that Pacey wants something, that he's "hungry," so Pacey should "effin' go for it already." The use of the word "effin'" causes my dislike of Bobby to detonate in a supernova of white-hot loathing. Pacey merely looks thoughtful.

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