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Boiler Room. Pacey's on the phone again. He gets negged by the customer, and Bobby materializes to needle him before giving him some small change for lunch. Pacey grouses, but Bobby tells him to hurry up; nobody else is getting lunch today, they'll think he's getting soft, blah. Pacey rolls his eyes and tools into the break room, where he overhears his colleagues discussing "killer" this and "frickin' awesome" that in regards to a deal. When Pacey asks what's up, he's told that Bobby closed Topper. The other guys blither on about how Bobby is their "personal god" and how he'll make partner for that and yadda yadda as Pacey stands dully in the middle of the room, his innocence shattered.

[phone ringing]
Sars: Hello?
Ray Charles: You'd think he'd have seen that coming.
Sars: Dude, tell me about it.
Ray Charles: I hate this show.
Sars: Me too, dude. Me too.

Brit Bar. Oliver Hudson hots into the bar area and asks Joey if she started today. "So it would appear," she sighs, and places a drink order, explaining that Emma's in the back. Oliver remembers aloud that Joey can't pour her own drinks -- too young -- and snipes that "this should be fun, baby-sitting you on top of everything else." Joey wants to know what that means, and Oliver tells her not to get all "fired up," but he's not in the mood to deal with her bullshit that night, especially since it's going to be the same bullshit the next night anyway. Ha! Good for him. Joey immediately starts bitching at him about how he must want to see her crack, and when Oliver doesn't know what she's talking about, she whines about the horrors resulting from the wayward email -- the whispering, the laughing, the "unsolicited sexual advice," Flip-Flops's harshing of her buzz, blah blah blah. Oliver clearly could not care less if he were actually dead, attempting to put a cork in her with a weary, "Sounds fas-cinating, sorry I missed it," but Joey doesn't catch the sarcasm and speed-freaks on some more about how she didn't send that email to get feedback from Oliver or anyone else and she's sick of getting mocked and could Oliver just "concentrate on [his] own deep unhappiness for a while?" Oliver takes a moment to stop himself from throttling her, then points out acidly that before Joey "got all crazy confessional on" him, he'd planned to do just that. Joey fixes him with a bratty "yeah, right" look as he goes on, "You see, we don't just walk off into a void when we leave your line of vision. Some of us even have our own lives, and don't even talk about you -- at all." Joey clearly can't believe that -- the It makes every aspect of her life mesmerizing to others, after all -- and she glowers at Oliver as he continues to snark on the relative pettiness of her problems, then dismisses her to go serve the drinks. Joey holds that obnoxious look for a moment longer, but Oliver turns her back on her, so she huffs off with her tray.

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