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Schmancy hotel bar. Natasha and Todd are knocking a few back. Enter the Head. Natasha greets him without making eye contact and quickly makes her exit, kindly leaving Dawson alone with his one true love, Todd. Todd take another swig of his drink, then informs Dawson drunkenly that if he -- Dawson -- weren't such a total disaster with the ladies, he might be sneaking off to join Natasha right this moment. Then he tries to sneak off himself, taking a large bottle of vodka with him. Dawson, naturally, stops him, saying that they need to discuss problems on the set. Todd rolls his eyes and puts the vodka back on the bar. He drunkenly slurs that, as he suspected, Dawson is not there to "participate in the general debauchery." Todd is so drunk, however, that this comes out as "partiiiiiiicipatttte indie gener deboshrye." Dawson says something boring about how they're behind schedule and over budget and Todd really needs to return Whitney's calls and blah blah blah no one cares about the intricacies of this fictional movie. On cue, Whitney arrives at the bar. She's pissed. She wants a better room, and she wants to find out what the hell is going on the set. Dawson skips off to get Whitney a nicer suite. Todd shoots him a series of overly dramatic frightened looks. I can't believe I'm still recapping this boring subplot.

Emma's apartment. Audrey reads a book and listens to her headphones. Across the coffee table, Pacey just stares at her and smiles. "What?" Audrey finally snaps. "Nothing," Pacey responds, then asks if the book is any good. "Honey, it's required. How could it be good?" Audrey asks, throwing it down and going into the kitchen for a glass of water. The nerdy English major in me is so offended by this response, and I don't care if that makes me sound uncool. First of all, poor Pacey is just trying to make conversation. It's common societal practice to ask someone who is reading a book if the book is any good. Second of all, Princess, plenty of required reading is good and -- surprise! -- some people even enjoy school. I really have no patience for Audrey anymore. What was once "charming" and "sassy" is now "irritating" and "spoiled." Don't like the school Daddy "pulled strings" to get you into? Maybe you should transfer to a school you like better and open up that slot at Worthington for someone who really wants to go there, you self-centered little brat. Wow, I didn't even know I had that in me. That felt pretty good. I forgot how much I enjoy the rage.

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