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The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye

Previously, on Dawson's Creek: Dawson told Gale and the Flash about his plan to drop out of USC. Then the Flash got in his car with a lethal ice cream cone and bought the farm.

A cloudy morning in Capeside. Two strangers scamper across the street to the IHOF, stopping short when they see the sign on the door, which reads "Closed: Death in the Family." The strangers exchange disappointed looks; it's hard to say if they feel bad for the Leerys, or if they're just upset because they really, really wanted some clam chowder. Mmmm, chowder. Hey, just because the Flash is dead, am I supposed to stop living?

A woman begins wailing on the soundtrack, as we cut over to The Leery House Of Bereavement, skimming through room after empty room. Dawson stands in the kitchen, washing dishes and looking numb. As he scrubs a glass, Lily begins to cry. Dawson pauses in the frantic cleaning to listen for a moment; soon, she stops crying. He goes back to scouring, but then his sister begins to wail in earnest. Dawson huffs, tired, and runs up the back stairs. The camera pans over framed photographs of the Leerys in happier, non-grief-stricken times. Times before dairy stole the Flash from the bosom of his family and friends.

Credits, complete with A Very Special Piano-Only Theme Song. Apparently, the Flash is dead and he took Paula Cole with him.

Dawson visits The Capeside Funeral Home For Guys Who Value The Safety Of Dairy Products Over And Above The Charms Of Safe Driving. He and the funeral home director trot down some stairs, en route to the casket display room. It's like I'm suddenly recapping Six Feet Under or something. Except with commercials. And no real hope of either nudity or cussing. Anyway, the funeral director -- let's just call him Larry -- asks after Gale. Dawson tells him that, naturally, she's not doing particularly well. "And you? How are you?" Larry asks. "People ask me that a lot," Dawson responds. "It's a weird question. Every time I start to give too long of an answer -- which I'm starting to do right now -- those same people get very uncomfortable. Not you, though. I guess you're an old pro at this." Larry nods sympathetically. I'm sure the Sympathetic Nod is a reflex for funeral directors. Larry is probably wondering if he turned off the iron. "I guess you could say that," Larry says. "I'm fine," Dawson says wearily, and glances perfunctorily at the caskets on display. "That one," he says, gesturing toward the closest one. "Very nice choice, very tasteful," Larry assures him. "Thank you," Dawson replies.

Pacey reads a book on board the True Love II. I can't really see the title, but I think it's Fending Off Irritating Co-Workers For Dummies, or perhaps Soulmates: Break Them Up Once and For All. Joey strides up the dock, and calls his name. She looks troubled, and keeps rubbing her right arm. "What's with the furrowed brow?" Pacey asks, getting up to greet her. Joey sadly informs him that she has some bad news. Pacey groans. "Why don't you look like you're kidding?" he asks. Joey ignores him, and says that Deputy Doug's been trying to get in touch with him for the last three days. Pacey smiles ruefully and admits that he's been dodging Doug's calls. "What's going on?" he asks. "It's Mitch. Um. He's dead," Joey says. Way to break it to him gently, Joey. Pacey just looks blank. "What? Wuh -- how?" he asks. "It was a car accident," Joey says. Pacey, shaken, asks if "everybody else is…?" Joey shakes her head. "They're all fine. It's just Mitch. He was alone," she tells him. Pacey continues to look gobsmacked, as Joey tells him that it all went down a couple of nights ago. "How's Dawson doing?" Pacey asks, rubbing his brow. "Well, he's not so good. His father's dead," Joey points out, quite irritably. Pacey looks down and admits that was a pretty stupid question. "No, don't worry about it," Joey tells him. "Believe me, I've said about eight hundred stupid things to him over the last couple of days." The two of them stare at each other for a moment, before Joey asks Pacey if he's ready to come with her. Pacey blinks and wonders if he really should. "What are you talking about?" Joey asks. Pacey looks thoughtful, and points out that maybe Dawson wouldn't want to see him. Joey, frustrated, points out that if Pacey's father died tomorrow, and he looked up at the funeral and saw that Dawson was there…. "Just give me five minutes," Pacey says, and heads below deck to get his things together.

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