Dawson's Creek
The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye

Final Flashback of the Flash; the Leerys are posing for a group photo on the lawn. "Because what we need is another picture," Dawson snickers, not meanly. "Don't be so fresh," Gale tells him, cheerfully. "Yeah, lose the 'tude, dude," the Flash chirps. "Smile!" Everyone does, and the camera clicks. Post-photo, the family scatters, Dawson to the movies, Gale inside to feed Lily. The Flash stands in his yard, though, and takes a good look at his house, and his grass, and his son's creek. He looks satisfied, nodding and grinning, and finally trots, happy, into the house. Aw, man! Good old Flash. I'm going to miss him.

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Dawson's Creek




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