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The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye

Potter Bed and Breakfast. Bessie and Grams are in the kitchen, making muffins. Enjoy that one shot of Bessie, because that's all we get. At the kitchen table, Jack and his flippy mullet wrap casseroles and plates of cookies in Saran Wrap, because when someone dies, the rest of us cook. It's genetically programmed into humans, I think. When I was fourteen, and my grandmother died, I made cookies. When I was twenty-two and my great-grandmother, to whom I was very close, died, I made almost an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Jen ambles over to the kitchen table and sits down and stares glumly at Jack. She needs his help, she says. She's nervous about seeing Dawson because she doesn't know what to say to him about, you know, the whole Dad Dying In A Tragic Ice-Cream-Related Disaster thing. Jack snarks that Dawson doesn't expect her to give a speech. Jen complains that she was wide awake all night, tossing and turning and trying to figure out what to say and how to act. Jack sighs, and tells her that people never know exactly what to say, that people said all kinds of crazy things to him when his brother Tim died. "The thing is, no matter what you say or what you do, Dawson is alone in this," he says. Jen sits at the table and looks sad. "You just have to figure out your own way of being there for him," Jack tells her. "Okay," Jen says quietly.

Dawson's House Of Pain. The Bereaved One carries Lily into her room and puts her down for her nap. He stands over her crib and watches her sleep. She really is a darling baby.

In the master bedroom, Gale sleeps in her clothes, passed out next to a pile of crumpled tissues. Dawson reaches over, removes the tissues, and covers his mother with a blanket.

Tired out from being The Man Of The Family, Dawson retreats to his room, where he sits on the bed, lets out a giant sigh, rubs his eyes, and flops back. There's a knock on the door. It's the Flash, come back from the grave! "Having a good birthday?" he asks. "Yeah, definitely," Dawson answers in this little kid's voice. "How does it feel to be twelve years old?" the Flash asks. Oh, it's a flashback! Or, um, a "Flash"-back. "Pretty good," Dawson coos. "I think I'm ready for a girlfriend." Heh. The twelve-year-old Dawson and the eighteen-year-old Dawson aren't very different. Deluded, I mean. The Flash chuckles and sits down next to his son and tells him to "give it a couple of years." "Okay," Dawson chirps. The Flash asks if Dawson enjoyed his gifts, and Dawson responds that he liked them all, "especially the 1941 video." The Flash points out that said video was a difficult item to procure. He doesn't mention that that's because 1941 is renowned as a giant and expensive bomb and no one wants to watch it. The Flash tells Dawson that he thinks he has one more gift. "No, I opened them all," Dawson says. "Are you sure?" the Flash asks. "Pretty sure," Dawson responds. "I don't know," the Flash says. "I think you better take a look…in the closet." Heh. Oh, come on, like you didn't laugh at that. I know the man's dead, but a juvenile "in the closet" joke never stops being funny.

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