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The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye

So Dawson scampers over and finds, in his closet, a fancy-schmancy video camera type thing, complete with editing ability and all kinds of bells and whistles. Dawson is thrilled, and hugs his father enthusiastically. He reflects that the camera must have been awfully expensive, but he swears he'll use it. "Just enjoy it," the Flash says. "Let the things you love be your escape." Father and son smile at each other as anvils fall from the sky, crushing viewers across the country. Dawson keeps smiling, as Joey enters the room and he comes out of his reverie. "You're smiling," Joey tells him. "I was?" Dawson asks. They hug, then back away and do a whole lot of staring -- at the floor, each other, the walls. Finally, Joey sits down on the bed and asks if there's anything she can do to help. Dawson tells her that, actually, there is. He needs her to watch Lily while Gale sleeps and he runs down to the funeral home. Joey agrees, and watches him take a suit off the hook on the back of his door. "Is that what you're wearing?" she asks. "It's nice." Dawson stiffly explains that the suit is for the Flash. "He's going to be buried in it." Joey makes an anguished "I am so stupid" face and apologizes. Dawson lies and tells her she couldn't have known. Although, come on. Did Joey think he was going to leave a change of clothes at the funeral home for himself? I know, I know, she was just trying to make conversation and she wasn't thinking. "I won't be long," Dawson says, and leaves. Joey stares after him, concerned.

Cut to the Flash's funeral (the Flasheral?), out in Ye Olde Capeside Burial Grounds. The Sad Music Of Dead Secondary Characters That No One Really Cared About Until They Kicked The Bucket keens in the background. Dawson sits and looks stoic. Joey, next to him, makes sad faces. Beside her, Pacey sits stiffly, his face blotchy and tear-stained. On the other side of Dawson, Grams holds Lily while Gale sobs. Joey tries to take Dawson's hand, and he lets her hold it for a short moment before he reaches into his pocket to get his mother a handkerchief. Joey bites her lips. "Remember me," a woman sings on the soundtrack, as the crowd leaves the cemetery and cars begin to pull up at the Leery household. Wow, this show is so much easier to recap when no one talks.

The Leery House For Widows And Orphans. Jack, Jen, and Pacey stand around the living room, drinking coffee and talking to each other. Dawson sits on the stairs, holding his sister. Grams approaches him, and offers to take Lily for a bit. Dawson refuses, explaining that as long as he's holding the baby, people don't come up to him and "offer their platitudes." Grams smiles knowingly and plunks down on the steps next to him. She asks about Gale. "She's upstairs. She won't come down," Dawson explains. Grams nods, sadly. "So, what's yours?" Dawson asks her. "My what?" she wonders. "Your platitude," Dawson explains. Grams looks thoughtful for a moment, then tells him that she's fresh out of platitudes. Dawson is surprised. "I thought for sure you'd whip out 'the Lord works in mysterious ways,'" he says. "The Lord and I, we aren't on speaking terms this week," Grams tells him sadly, and hugs him, baby and all.

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