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The Long Goodbye

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The Long Goodbye

More sad singing on the soundtrack as people pile into their cars and leave the wake. Inside the house, Dawson lies around in his room. Joey pops her head in the door and tells him that people are starting to leave, but she can stay as long as he needs her. Dawson tells her, gruffly, to go back to school. He wants to be alone. Joey looks hurt, and tells him to call her if he needs her. Dawson grunts. "Bye," Joey offers, and leaves, looking hurt. I know Joey wants to be supportive and all, but people grieve in different ways. If Dawson wants to be alone so he can berate himself for driving his father to his frosty, creamy death, then let him. You know, at least for a couple of weeks.

Potter B&B. Pacey and Joey amble out onto the porch and sit in silence. Pacey offers that he's never seen the B&B so crowded. "Nothing like a funeral to drum up business," Joey says sadly. Pacey looks at her for a moment, then tells her that when he dies, he wants to go in a way that makes people laugh. Like reaching for a scoop of errant vanilla? "No matter how sudden or tragic the circumstances, you just have to laugh," he explains. "Like getting run over by a car full of clowns. That's funny, right?" he asks. Actually, that would merely serve to reinforce my theory that clowns are evil. Joey, however, smiles. "You smiled," Pacey narrates. "Mission accomplished." Joey looks at her hands. "He blames himself, you know," she says. Pacey makes a big "why?" face, and Joey explains the whole drop-out-of-USC-move-to-Boston plan, and the way Dawson thinks his blow-up with the Flash caused the Flash to drive really, really badly. Pacey wonders why on earth Dawson wanted to drop out of film school. Joey just looks at him. "Ohhh. I get it," Pacey says. "It's okay, you can tell me, Jo. I'm not going to get upset." Joey tells Pacey that she's didn't ask Dawson to do anything. She doesn't mention that she didn't tell him not to do anything, either. Pacey assures her that if anyone understands the "various shades of gray, here" it's him. And, he says, he thinks it's "about time" Dawson and Joey "got their chance." Vomit. "Because the way I see it," he continues, "you never did, and this world can use as many Romeo and Juliets as it can get." I'd just like to point out that Pacey doesn't exactly sound like he's 100 percent behind this entire idea, and, really, who wants to turn out to be Romeo or Juliet? They both died. Is this Pacey's subtle way of telling Joey that he wishes she and Dawson would just kill themselves, already? Joey, in fact, points out that Romeo and Juliet met rather unfortunate ends. Pacey smiles at her.

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