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The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

Snaps to notworking and Wing Chun.

Previously on Dawson's Creek: Joey told Dawson that "things are changing," an idea he resisted, saying that "growing up does not equal growing apart," and Joey in turn resisted that idea; Andie admitted that maybe she liked Will, and thought that maybe everyone should just "be honest and open about things like this," which made Pacey shake his head; Pacey told Joey he didn't want to keep initiating "this thing," which prompted her to kiss him.

Take one of the Dawson's Creek rip-off of Go, a.k.a. Go Away. Fade up on a shot of a blood-red sunset as Joey "Whistler's Sister" Potter says in voiceover, "Ever have one of those days you wish you could live all over again?" Fade cut to the waterfront and Andie "Perkaholic" McPhee chirping, "Oh, hey, look, there's Dawson and his dad." Mitch "The Flash" Leery and Dawson "The End Of The Afforehead" Leery get out of the Flash-utility vehicle and head down to the dock, and Dawson has a bottle of champagne which he pretends almost to spill on the Flash. Like, ha ha. Not. Dawson greets the gang, including Buzz (ugh), and Andie asks where's Joey and says she thought Joey was coming with Dawson, and Dawson says Joey had to stop by the library and work on a Watergate assignment for school. The rest of the gang nods.

Cut to a boathouse containing Joey and "Love To Love You" Pacey Witter, making out with the lip mics cranked up so loud that we can hear individual bubbles of saliva bursting. As Pacey hoists her onto a counter, Joey protests weakly that they should get going: "It's your boat we're planning on christening." So that's what the kids call it these days. Pacey's all, "My own boat?" and keeps kissing her. "No, we have to stop doing this, it's wrong," Joey says, not very convincingly, and Pacey says, "Yes, dead wrong," and attacks her again, and Joey emits a somewhat disturbing little semi-moan in response to Pacey kissing her neck and tries again to bring him back to the subject, saying as the two of them lock hands that they've "been in denial all week," that around other people they "pretend like nothing's changed, and then the minute we're alone it turns into thimfpffh --" Pacey mercifully shuts her up by kissing her again, but asks, "'This' what?" "This -- embarrassing grope-fest," Joey whines, and Pacey says sarcastically that yes, it is kind of embarrassing, "especially for [Joey], given how much [she] protested." Heh. Joey says she didn't protest; Pacey says she did too. More one-hundred-plus-decibel smooching, but this time Pacey stops it, saying that they have to tell Dawson as soon as possible, because the longer they wait, the worse it'll get. Joey says she knows, she's tried to tell Dawson "plenty of times," and Pacey interrupts to say that every time he sees Dawson, he feels -- but Joey interrupts him to say, "You don't have to bother filling in the expletive, okay?"

She continues that "this isn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever had to do, Pacey -- telling Dawson that, while he wasn't looking, I developed this bizarre gravitational pull towards his best friend, and I can't stop thinking about him or wanting to be near him or wanting to kiss him all the time," and Pacey draws close to her, and she takes his face in her hands and starts kissing him. More kissing; more inappropriate-for-the-eight-o'clock-timeslot groaning. "I'll do it," Pacey says firmly. Joey: "What?" Pacey: "I'll tell him." Joey can't let him do that, it's her responsibility, but Pacey nixes that idea, reminding her that "I'm the one that started this, remember?" He got her into this, he goes on, and besides, to save his friendship with Dawson, he'll have to come clean -- although why he'd want to preserve his relationship with that balloon-headed fuckstick escapes me, but more on that later. "All I need is one day. Just one day," Pacey says, leaning his forehead against Joey's. Joey repeats, "One day," and Pacey repeats, "One . . . day," and kisses her forehead.

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