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The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

Cut to Andie walking through the library, sporting a camo mini and flatter hair than a Fiona Apple look-alike contest. She runs into Pacey and they greet each other awkwardly; he comments on how happy she looks and asks why: "Just your usual library glow?" She babbles that "well, you know, free books make me giddy," but we see "Non-Triumph Of The" Will Krudski come up behind her, so we know that's not the reason. Pacey and Will greet each other, and Will makes a snide comment about the unlikelihood of Pacey studying on a Saturday; then Will says, "So, ah, see you tonight, Andie?" "Yeah," she perks. Will claps Pacey on the shoulder and leaves. Whatever, Will -- spin off already and leave us alone. Pacey gives Andie a little guff about having a date with Will, and she gets embarrassed, but he puts her at ease about it. She asks what he's doing at the library, and Pacey says he's looking for Dawson and asks Andie if she's seen him, which she hasn't, so Pacey says he'll let her get back to work and takes off, and Andie wistfully looks over her shoulder at him as they go in separate directions.

Buzz is jumping on Doug's bed. Doug, with rubber gloves on and a dishtowel over his shoulder, is bitching Buzz out for breaking his answering machine. Buzz is ignoring Doug's queries as to what became of the answering-machine tape, as well as Doug's demands for him to "stop bouncing," and when Pacey comes into Doug's apartment, Buzz bounces off the bed and heads over to Pacey, observing, "And I thought you were boring." Like, ha ha. Not. And excuse me, but don't nine-year-olds usually have their front teeth? Because young Lipnicki has a gap you could drive a Mustang through. Pacey bribes Buzz with a "Pokémon blue" something or other, and Buzz flops on the bed to play with it as Doug snaps at Pacey for not coming back earlier. Pacey apologizes but tells Doug that he and Joey "came to a really important decision."

Doug asks since when he and Joey decide anything together, and Pacey tells Doug that he's "gonna like this one, 'cause it turns out you were right," adding with a who-da-man smile that "she's into me, man. That's why she got so freaked out when I kissed her." "Really," Doug says noncommittally. "Yeah!" Pacey says enthusiastically, opening the fridge. "So, then, you told Dawson," Doug says flatly, and Pacey confesses that he hasn't, "not exactly," and in response to Doug's warning stare, he says that he tried to tell Dawson, that that's the errand he had to run, but it "turned into this wild goose chase," and he apologizes again while swigging from a jug of milk. Doug gets all judgmental for some reason and asks, "Look, telling Dawson that you kissed Joey in a moment of weakness is a hell of a lot different than [sic] sneaking around with her behind his back, don't you think?" Pacey makes a "how typical" face and snorts mirthlessly as Doug continues that, in the end, Joey and Dawson will stay friends, "or whatever it is that they are," and Pacey will wind up alone with no girlfriend and no best friend, and he tells Pacey to "think about it -- I was right before, wasn't I?" Pacey looks ill again, and I have to say that, between Joey's capricious definition of Finding Herself and Dawson's monumental self-absorption, Doug is probably right.

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