Dawson's Creek
The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

A nighttime shot of Pacey coming up the Leerys' porch steps with a determined look on his face. As he approaches the front door, Joey runs up behind him all out of breath and stops him from going inside. They hug, and Joey gasps, "Look, Pacey, we can't do this, okay?" Pacey wants to know what they can't do, and Joey says she should tell Dawson about them, not Pacey: "Things are really complicated between me and Dawson, and it has nothing to do with you, it's just --" She drags him outside. "Look, it has to come from me, or else . . . it's going to ruin everything." Pacey strokes her face and tries to calm her, saying that it's okay and they'll do whatever she wants to do, and they hug -- kind of a dumb move right in front of Dawson's house, if you ask me, but nobody did. Pacey confesses that he'd "been in the process of chickening out the whole way over" to Dawson's, and he strokes Joey's face some more. Joey says dully that "maybe it's a sign, Pacey," and when Pacey asks of what, Joey says, "It's just that for so long, he's been everything to me, Pacey, I mean, this guy has been my family when I haven't had one, and he's the one person in my life that I can always depend on" -- to behave like a jackass, at any rate -- "and, and this? This is gonna kill him!" Like that's a bad thing. Pacey adopts a stern mien and chuckles grimly, "You never had any intention of telling him, did you? You didn't come over here tonight to tell him; you came here to stop me from telling him." Joey sputters that she tried, she went up to Dawson's room and she tried to tell him; Pacey interrupts in a wearily sarcastic tone, "Of course you did. But let me guess -- you failed, right?" Enter Sir Flares-A-Lot, commenting from the porch, "I thought I heard something out here." Joey and Pacey both turn towards the house with "busted!" looks on their faces, and Joey stammers, "Dawson, we were just --" "Having an argument," Dawson finishes flatly, coming through the screen door with his hands in his XXXL pockets. "Obviously. What about?" Joey says, "Mmm," but faced with Dawson's indignant nostrilage and bristling Sam-The-Eagle hair, she can't go through with it and she looks down.

Pacey looks to the side, then takes a breath and says, "Us, Dawson," and Joey whips around to look fearfully at Pacey, and Pacey says, facing her, "We were arguing about us," and Dawson's mouth forms the shape of a cat's asshole as Joey looks away from Pacey and Pacey faces Dawson again: "Me and Joey, there's an 'us' here now." Nostrils at full extension, jaw jutted out so far that it's a wonder he can keep his lips together, Dawson glares first at Pacey and then at Joey in a self-righteous fury. Joey looks at him, then looks down as if she might begin to cry, and we go to commercial before Dawson's nose cartilage sends her and Pacey reeling backwards into the creek.

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