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The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

Take two of Go Away. Blood-red sunset. Waterfront. Flash and Dawson; champagne; Andie asking where's Joey, Dawson saying she's at the library. Jen tells Dawson she finished All The President's Men and can return it to him now; he says he'll come pick it up and asks what she thought. "Incredible movie," she says, but apparently Henry didn't think it had enough cute girls in it. Har. Dee. Har. Har. Not. Jack "Lost In The Ethan" McPhee, attired in a mondo cheezo football jersey-esque garment with -- I'm not kidding -- cap sleeves, says, "Don't look now, but I think that's the captain of this vessel," as Pacey appears, and Andie says they can get started, and Dawson says, "Not without this, we can't," and he jogs up to Pacey with the champagne. As Pacey thanks him, Joey comes hustling out from behind the boathouse all shamefaced and sits down next to Jen a bit awkwardly, so I guess this is the Joey's-eye view.

Cut to Jen on a pay phone, telling Henry to stop by around two o'clock; Joey stands nearby, shifting from foot to foot. Henry says something dorky which we don't hear, in response to which Jen smiles her usual oh-Henry-you-innocent-non-New-Yorker smile and tells him she's taking Joey to the library and then returning the car to Grams, so she'll see him later. After she hangs up, Joey thanks her again for the ride and babbles that she meant to go that morning but then she "got kind of busy" (yeah, I'll say), blah blah blah forbidden-lovecakes, and Jen says Joey doesn't have to explain, "unless of course there's something that you want to explain." They drift off down the access road -- well, Joey drifts; Jen idles in first gear -- and Joey says, "Recently you and I spoke about unrequited feelings that a certain someone --" "Namely Pacey?" Jen interrupts, and Joey cops to it: "Namely Pacey, uh, may have had for me . . . and how those unrequited feelings expressed themselves in the form of a kiss." Joey, you aren't delivering a graduate-level lecture; just spit it out already. After much hand-wringing, Joey goes on, "They're not. Uh, unrequited, that is. They are actually, uh . . . they're very much requited." Jen asks, now that Joey has kissed that "certain someone" back, whether Joey would like that to continue. Joey says she thinks so, then smiles and says yes, but her feelings "have been clouded by" her fear of Dawson's reaction. Jen says with a gentle smile that if Joey's asking her whether she should tell Dawson, "the answer's a big fat yes." Joey says that they will, that Pacey plans to tell him today and that she tried herself, "plenty of times," but when they tell him, Dawson gets hurt, and if she tells Pacey not to tell Dawson . . . "Pacey's gonna get hurt," Jen finishes for her.

Joey bemoans the fact that, whatever she does, "[she's] the villain," and rambles on about how, "in stories like these," the woman is always the villain, "she's always some wicked conniving whore who manipulates her way between two brothers or two best friends," like, whatever, Joey -- your life isn't Tolstoy, get over yourself. Jen interrupts her, thank God, to observe that most of those stories "have been written by men." Joey makes a wry face and says, "I really wish I was [sic] more like you." Don't we all. Jen joins me in rolling her eyes, but Joey means it: "You feel things and you act on 'em. Pacey does the same thing, he's -- fearless." Jen lets Joey in on a little secret "about the fearless," namely that "we're not as tough as you think we are." She goes on to say that "Pacey's heart can break just as easily as the next guy [sic] -- maybe even more so, considering it was already broken when you got there." Joey looks stricken by this.

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