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The Longest Day

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The Longest Day

Cut to a pay phone. Joey leaves a message on Doug's machine telling him not to talk to Dawson, because she just ran into Dawson herself so he's not home anyway, and also she thinks she should tell Dawson. Oh, criminy -- I'll tell Dawson, for god's sake. I'll tell him a bunch of things. ["Save some of that action for me, sister." -- Wing Chun]

Nighttime. Joey runs across the footbridge and climbs the ladder to Dawson's room. In the Sanctum Dawsonorum, Dawson watches The Last Picture Show, and on the screen Jeff Bridges is yelling something about "she's my girl," and in the foyer of my apartment, Tiger Woods takes a few practice swings with the Pitching Wedge Of Parallel Plot Development. Joey clambers through Dawson's window as Jeff Bridges continues to bellow about marrying her "one of these days," and Dawson says, sounding neither surprised nor unhappy to see her, "Changed your mind?" She stammers that she wanted to talk to him, then asks, "Pacey hasn't been here, has he?" Dawson isn't fazed: "No -- is he supposed to be?" Joey says no and flails her arms a bit before asking, "What're you watching?" Dawson tells her, and Joey asks if that's the movie they saw on . . . "Our first date," Dawson completes her sentence, adding wryly that it wasn't a successful evening, "at least not movie-wise." Joey asks what he means, and Dawson says they never got to see the end. Joey's face twitches for a second before she takes a seat, adopts an inappropriately flirtatious face, and asks how the movie does end. Dawson explains matter-of-factly that it's about three friends who grow up together, and Jeff Bridges is in love with Cybill Shepherd, and she dumps him and breaks his heart, "and he's devastated -- and she's not," and Dawson laughs as he says this, ending by saying that "she kinda just moves on to the other guy." I take Tiger up to the roof and write "WE GET IT" on hundreds of golf balls in Sharpie marker, and he hits them in the direction of Wilmington, North Carolina with his titanium driver, because we do in fact get it, but thanks so much for including that focus-pull close-up on Joey's face for emphasis.

Dawson keeps discussing the plot, saying that the friendship gets ruined and "that's pretty much how it ends," with everyone alone and hating each other, and then he snorts, "It's, it's pretty depressing, actually, I don't -- I don't know why I'm watching it," and if you haven't already, you should go back and read the way I've described Dawson's mood in the scene so far, because he seems in relatively good spirits, and in the context of the whole episode, it doesn't make sense. Anyway, Joey is silent, and Dawson asks what she wanted to talk about, and Joey gets up and says in a rambling near-tears tone that she just remembered she'd told Bessie she'd help with Alexander so she'd better go, and she turns and goes out the window with a hurried "bye," and we get an extreme close-up of Dawson's face in profile, and it has absolutely no expression.

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