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The Lost Weekend

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The Lost Weekend

Liberty Bell, The Restaurant From Hell. Blah blah, somehow Pacey manages to convince Danny that he can chop stuff real good, and he manages to score a job above "dishwasher" on the kitchen food chain. See? Because he can't have his lady paying for his grub. Not ever! Danny and Pacey chat a bit about Deputy Doug, and Danny tells Pacey that his wife's parents have a place in Capeside, and Danny tends to "get drunk and howl at the moon" when they visit. And that's how he got friendly with Doug. Because Doug is totally the type to get friendly with the perps. Anyway, long story short, Pacey's chopping stuff for a living right now, and Danny tells him that if he "shows up on time, and works clean," he can have any job he wants, "including [Danny's]." Wow, this is so very exciting. I wonder what's on C-SPAN. So, Pacey agrees that that gig sounds pretty good, seeing as Danny "doesn't seem to do much of anything." Danny makes his "you charmingly incorrigible kid!" expression and leaves. Pacey rolls his eyes. Poor Joshua Jackson. What does he have to do to get a plot line? Or, you know, a new job?

Outside, the restaurant, Karen The Saucy Waitress Who Once Dated Carter smokes a cig and looks blankly off into the distance. Pacey rolls up. They talk. It's a horribly written scene, in which the actors display no chemistry whatsoever. It also includes a Don't Smoke, Or Pacey Won't Love You PSA. And the line "What matters isn't really where you are. It's who you're there with." Please tell me that Karen and Pacey aren't going to hook up, because I've had more stimulating interaction with inanimate objects.

Worthington. Joey runs into Audrey in the hallway of their dormitory. Dawson? At the airport. "Go!" Audrey yells, as Joey runs after The Only Man She's Ever Really Loved. Oh, Audrey, don't be an enabler.

Logan Airport. Joey and Dawson talk and talk and talk and talk and talk, mostly about nothing at all, like how nice it is for Joey to have Jack and Jen and Grams around, and how they're "like a family." Joey muses that "it puts everything in perspective. Helps you separate what matters from what doesn't." I have no idea what the "it" in that sentence refers to. Family? Couldn't tell you. They're calling for Dawson's flight. He asks Joey what does matter to her. "You," she says, and The Sad Piano Music Of Separated Soulmates starts up in the background again. "That's why…" she begins. Oh, God, this is only the second episode and they're already killing me with this endless yammering about their stupid relationship and what it all means. Shut. Up. Both of you! Christ! Just cut the cord! The cord! Cut it! Joey's still talking. She wants Dawson "there, at the end of the day." And she doesn't know why. Dawson points out that he's right in front of her, and they've only started talking, now that he's getting ready to leave. He says that maybe their "attraction" is just "fear of moving on, growing up." He then dramatically intones that if he gets on the plane back to Los Angeles, in four years, they'll be complete strangers to each other. And he doesn't want that to happen. Does she? The flight attendant is like, dude, get on the plane. Dawson and Joey stare at each other. While they stare, I'd just like to say they won't automatically become complete strangers, just because they're attending different colleges. First, they'd see each other on vacations. Second, there's this newfangled thing called "the telephone," and an even newer-fangled thing called "email." Finally, sweet Jesus, it's only 3,000 miles! She's not entering a convent! One of my best friends from high school went to Vassar, while I stayed here in Los Angeles, and we're still good friends! Holy God, people! Anyway, back to these two foolios. "Do you want that to happen?" Dawson repeats. "No," Joey says, all teary and weepy. "Of course not!" So Dawson puts his bag down. More staring. Close-lipped smile from Joey. And they sit back down! As the plane takes off! Without Dawson! I want to die!

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