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The Reluctant Hero

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The Reluctant Hero

Back at the McPhee house, Andie is tucking her mom into bed as Pacey looks on. Pacey notes that Mrs. M. "went out like a light." Andie says something about "she goes way up, and then - crash." Pacey asks if Andie's going to be okay: "I'm worried about you." Andie: "Look at you! Taking care of my mom, saving me...don't you see? You just proved yourself wrong, Pacey. You can be anything you want. What you did for me tonight was nothing short of spectacular." She kisses him and tells him she's proud of him. Pacey chuckles and says he's not really used to hearing those words, "I'm proud of you," at least not when they're directed at him. Pacey urges her upstairs to her bedroom. Andie coquettishly asks what he had in mind. He reminds her that he still has to study. Andie looks a little deflated, then goes upstairs with him.

Over at the Flashelor Pad, the Flash asks how Jen is. Dawson says he thinks she'll be okay. Dawson says he knows he's been really hard on the Flash lately: "You've always been this larger-than-life Harrison Ford ideal to me, you know?" Flash: "No one can live up to that, Dawson. Not even Harrison Ford." Note to the Flash: Just because you can't be Harrison Ford doesn't mean you have to be Mike Brady. Flash: "In reality, people are flawed. I can be your father, Dawson. And, if you'll let me, your friend. Your call." Before anyone breaks into "Father Figure" by George Michael, we'd better wrap this up. "Then it's done," says Dawson, who heads over to where Jen is lying despondently in bed wearing, presumably, one of the Flash's shirts. Dawson sits on the bed and actually has the nerve to call her "Tiger." "You're my hero," says Jen. "Not a hero, just a friend," says Dawson. Jen asks what his script is about. Dawson says it's about star-crossed lovers. Jen asks how it ends. Dawson squeaks that he doesn't know yet. Jen offers some "editorial advice": "No happy endings. They're bogus, and pat, and totally unrealistic; things never end happy [sic] in real life." Dawson tells her to get some sleep since she'll feel better in the morning. Buck up, little camper! Jen: "I wish that were true." Dawson smiles and says nothing. Yeah, what a friend. "No happy endings, Dawson," Jen repeats.

Back in Dawson's bedroom, Joey climbs through the window, saying, "Hey Dawson," looks around and realizes he isn't there, and sits on his bed. She picks up a stuffed plush shark (Jaws, presumably), then climbs back out. Fade to black. Glark: "Is that supposed to mean something?"

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