Dawson's Creek
The Reluctant Hero

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The Reluctant Hero

Credits roll. Our sponsor this evening is Taco Bell. Then we get an ad for Home Fries starring, appropriately enough, the one and only Lispy Potatoface. Then there was a kind of okay ad for Tekken 3, which is a damn cool game. Then the only Buddy Lee ad that doesn't bug me too much: "Buddy Lee is Buddy Lee in Buddy Lee, Man of Action." Then there's an ad for liquid, concealer and powder in one, from Cover Girl. Whatever. Tyra Banks is weird-looking, in my opinion.

Establishing shots of what doesn't look to my uninformed eye the way Massachusetts should in late November. Then we're in the kitchen of the No-Fault Hacienda (tm Sars) where the Flash sits at the table reading the paper and drinking something in a mug. Dawson strides in and asks, "What are you doing here?" The Flash says he's packing some thing and moving out, and says he was going to ask if Dawson could help him later: "Then I thought we could go grab a bite to eat, spend some time -- do like a friend thing?" and it's a sad day indeed when the Flash sounds more like a teenager than any of the so-called kids do. Dawson says, "Um, sure. Might have to skip on the friend thing, though; I kind of have real friends for that." At least, I think that's what he said, because the sound guy was in one of the bedrooms at Todd's house setting up the forty-seven lip mics for later (read on and all will be explained).

The Flash says, "Look, Dawson, I know this isn't easy for you, and that you're disappointed in me. And, believe me, I wish that things could be different, but --" "They're not," Dawson concludes for him. "I'm trying, here, Dawson," says the Flash. Dawson says nothing, just tosses an apple in the air and catches it. Um, you may want to cut back on the Frank Capra movies, D. "See you after school, then?" the Flash asks. "Sure," says Dawson, and trucks toward the door. "Oh, before I forget, I grabbed this by accident when I was picking up my mail yesterday," and hands him an envelope. Dawson snatches it and, apropos of nothing, explodes into pissiness: "I don't really know what you expect from me, but this isn't a transition I'm particularly thrilled to make. If you really want what's best for this family, I don't see how you [sic] moving out is a step in the right direction." The Flash reminds him, "That's my decision to make, not yours." "I see," sniffs Dawson.

Then we see Dawson going through the porch and out the front door of the Hacienda. He turns the envelope over, looks at the sender, and excitedly rips it open. Reading the contents, he starts cackling incredulously, and rushes away.

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