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The Reluctant Hero

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The Reluctant Hero

Then we're at the Flashelor Pad as Dawson carries a box of Flash stuff into what is a pretty lame-ass looking loft apartment garishly painted in primary colours and with a bunch of exposed brick. Note to the Flash: It is not 1986, and you are not Charlie Sheen in Wall Street. Dawson tells the Flash that's the last box, and starts to book. The Flash tries to stop him, asking what the rush is. The Flash, by the way, is wearing a too-short t-shirt with a v-neck that shows too much of his over-weight-trained pecs. The Flash invites Dawson to "hang out." "Working that 'friend' angle?" Dawson wearily asks. "I was trying," admits the Flash, then adds, "Talk to me. Look, Dawson, we've always been able to talk, freely and openly [ow! Quit it]. I don't want that to change." "Okay, let's talk," Dawson agrees. "Okay, good," says the Flash. "How's Joey?" Dawson answers, "Joey dumped me, and is falling for another guy. Next?" The Flash gamely tries again: "And Jen?" Dawson answers, "Probably drunk and stuck to a sidewalk somewhere." "Dawson --" the Flash chides, but Dawson cuts him off, telling him, "This isn't going to work. I'm gonna get going."

The Flash says, "You don't have to like my decisions, Dawson; I just ask that you respect them." Dawson once again turns on a dime and shrieks (while smiling, with that grade 10 drama class technique he has), "You know what, all I ever do is respect other people's wishes, okay? I'm sick of it. It makes everyone else feel better. It makes me feel like hell." The Flash says, "Well, maybe that's because you're only considering the outcomes and not the intentions." Translation: Not everything is about YOU. Dawson is temporarily silenced by that, so the Flash continues: "Nobody's out to get you, Dawson. Certainly not me!" Dawson is duly chastened. The Flash puts down the white something he was rolling into a big ball and digs a key on a chain out of his pocket to give to Dawson, telling him that he wants Dawson "to think of this place as [Dawson's] own." Dawson takes the key. The Flash says, "Now, if you need anything, please --" Dawson says, "You want me to be open and honest, right?" "Yes," answers the Flash. Dawson says, "Well here goes. I don't need another friend, or a buddy. I want a father. Can you respect that?" "I guess I'll have to," chokes the Flash. "All right," says Dawson, and stomps and clatters his way out of the Flashelor Pad.

Over at Grams' House of Discipline, Jen is painting her toenails Vamp red in the sunroom as Dawson lets himself in. He asks if the invitation to accompany her to the party is still open because that's exactly what he needs this evening. She surmises that he's had a "run-in with Joey." He says, "You're quick; no way around that." She says he can come as long as he doesn't bitch, or moan, or complain about her partying habits, and "no judging." He agrees hesitantly. She tells him that this isn't a date: "You're too far gone as a rebound case for me to be remotely interested." Dawson says, "Is it that obvious?" Jen says, "You're so on the rebound you're practically bouncing." Dawson says that in that case the party is exactly what he needs (you already said that) and asks when he should pick her up. She says she'll pick him up at seven, which seems awfully early to me. He says, "This is not a date, remember?" She replies, "And I'm not interested, remember?" ["Go Jen." -- Sars] He leaves. She bites her lip. Whatever. Commercial.

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