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The Valentine's Day Massacre

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The Valentine's Day Massacre

A quick break for ads, then Doug calls out, "All right! Everyone out." Over his shoulder, we see a tight-lipped Mitch "The Flash" Leery. Doug unlocks the cell, and the gang hustles past The Flash, not meeting his eye; The Flash gives Dawson a bemused look as his son’s giant cranium walks past. "Everyone, that is," Doug goes on, "except you, little brother," and he closes the door to the cell in Pacey’s face, suggesting that "it might be a good idea if you spend the night." Pacey looks quite sad and slinks away from the door in silence.

Jen visits Henry in the hospital. Henry’s room looks like the set of Family. They share a bit of stilted dialogue about the "miraculous healing power of Jell-O," which, along with LucasFilms, the Jack Daniel’s distillery, and of course American Eagle, must have paid a pretty penny to the producers. Henry apologizes. Jen apologizes too, and admits that she felt "anxious" about the date, which Henry doesn’t believe. She says she’s never had a date on Valentine’s Day, "let alone a first date," and tells a sob story about Chapin and her boyfriend taking out "the girl he really liked," i.e. not Jen, for V-Day; Henry doesn’t believe that either. Jen suggests that if they continue dating -- and she’d "like that" -- they act "more like ourselves and less like a couple in our thirties." They smile at each other. Henry asks if Jen wants him to return the ring, but she doesn’t, because it reminds her of him. Henry looks pensive. Jen helps herself to some Jell-O. More banter.

McPhee Manor. Jack asks Kate if she’s okay. She says yes, and says she’s realized "there’s something kinda cool about a relationship not working ’cause the guy turns out to be gay," that it’s sort of sad, but at least it’s not her fault. Strangely, my best friend and I have argued this very point many times, namely whether we’d rather get left for another woman or for another man. I always say "another man," because that means it doesn’t have anything to do with me, and Ernie always takes "another woman," because otherwise she’d question her own femininity. Anyway, Jack tells Kate that of course it isn’t her fault, and Kate says it isn’t Jack’s fault either, and Jack says he knows that. "Do you?" Kate asks. "Then why were you so afraid to tell me?" Jack didn’t want to upset her. Kate doesn’t buy that line and tells him he’ll have to do better than that. Jack explains that when he and Kate dated, he always felt that "there was something a little . . . off." Kate nods sympathetically as Jack goes on to say that he’s come a long way since then, but seeing her brought him back to a time "when I thought that the feelings that I was having were, were wrong," and he felt that if he told her, he’d disappoint her somehow. Kate says he could never disappoint her: "Gay or straight, you’re a world-class human being." She says she wanted to see him because it would take her back to a nice safe place, and she needed that this weekend. Jack hopes she "found it somehow." Kate says she did, and she’s glad she gets to go home knowing the real Jack. Jack kisses her on the forehead.

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