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The Valentine's Day Massacre

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The Valentine's Day Massacre

Potter B&B. Pacey approaches the porch with trepidation, goes up the steps, and knocks at the door. Joey, in her bathrobe, opens the door, and when she sees Pacey she starts to close it again right away, but Pacey asks her to hold on. Joey puts a hand on her hip, purses her lips, and waits self-righteously for an apology she hasn’t come close to earning, but Pacey apologizes anyway, quite sincerely. Joey confesses that she "was worried about you too, Pacey." Pacey asks why. Joey says that the Dark Prince himself could lead Dawson into hell and Dawson would come out unscathed (must have something to do with the giant head), but Pacey -- she trails off, then says, "Maybe I think that nobody’s worrying about you right now." That doesn’t make any sense, but Pacey looks touched by the sentiment, not to mention lovestruck; he covers by asking if, given the antagonism of their relationship, that’s her way of expressing concern for him. "You gotta learn to read between the banter, Pacey," Joey tells him. An awkward silence ensues, during which Joey just stands out on the porch. In her robe and a t-shirt. On Cape Cod. In February. Joey asks, "So are we all finished here?" Pacey says no, actually, "there’s something else," that he’s "been meaning to tell" her something, and he walks over to her and starts, "Joey," but faced with her quizzical look, he loses his nerve and tells her she’s lingering on the clutch. Geddit? Driving? He offers to teach her how to do it. "Now?" she asks, smiling. "Yeah," he says, smiling. She says okay.

Cut to the truck, hitching slowly down the driveway as Pacey calls out, "Shift!" and Joey successfully changes gears and says, "I did it!" and Pacey says yes, she did, and congratulates her, adding, "Now we’re getting somewhere," and as we fade out, a lost ovary warbles something about changing and never being the same again.

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