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To Be Or Not To Be… (1)

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To Be Or Not To Be... (1)

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Ty and Jen are on their stupid date in some retro lounge. "Something romantic. And two martinis." "That was a little bit against the rules." "Whose rules? Right now we're not in Sunday School." They dance. Yawn.

The next day, copies of Jack's poem pinned up on every available surface; Pacey rips one down while narrating, "'Tonight on a very special episode of Capeside High...' It's Jack's poem. Can you believe this? This is ridiculous." Andie joins him in tearing them off the walls, wailing, "Why, WHY would they do this?"

In class, Mr. Peterson is saying, "Mr. McPhee, would you care to continue reading your now very public work of poetry?" Jack says, "You can't be serious." Mr Peterson says, "I am. You left us high and dry. If you want a completed grade, then you have to complete reading the poem. It's that simple." Jack whispers, "Why are you doing this to me?" Pacey says, "Because he can," gets up and strides toward Mr. Peterson, who says, "Mr. Witter, I recommend you sit down." Pacey gets into righteous mode, and says, "No. You want somebody to read the poem? I'll read it." He takes the page from Mr. Peterson and starts to read, over Mr. Peterson's repeated commands to stop, and has just reached, "Then I see him," when Mr. Peterson grabs the paper out of Pacey's hands, gets all up in his face, and says, "You will listen to me when I talk to you, young man." "Why should I?" Pacey yells. Peterson says he's writing him up a pass to go to the principal's office. Pacey continues: "What part of you is it that gets off on torturing your students? Everyone else in this class may be afraid of you, but I'm not. I see your miserable scare tactics for exactly what they are: the misguided lashings of a bitter, lonely old man who only feels good when somebody else in the class feels worse." By now Pacey has collected his things and grabs the pass from Mr. Peterson, who says, "Thank you for the analysis, Mr. Witter. I'll send a cheque, along with the F you'll get on your report card." Pacey protests, "You can't fail me! I've gotten a B or better on every test in this class!" Mr. Peterson replies, "The hell I can't. I've been waiting to fail you all quarter." Pacey whispers, "You disgust me." Mr. Peterson says, "And you, Mr. Witter, are a failure, destined to always be a failure. Trying to teach people like you is like spitting in the face of the entire education --" and at this Pacey hocks one right in his face, and concludes, "No, sir, that is spitting in the face of the entire educational system." At that, Pacey strides out. Self-respect's a bitch, huh Pacey?

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