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To Be Or Not To Be… (1)

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To Be Or Not To Be... (1)

Naturally, the next scene finds Pacey in the principal's office, where he is telling her he won't apologize. The principal tells him he will. Pacey insists that he won't, at which Mr. Peterson breaks in and says, "What did I tell you. The child's an insubordinate little waste." Mr. Milo sticks up for Pacey, saying, "Hey, you're hardly innocent here." Mr. Peterson says, "And what does that mean?" Mr. Milo reminds him, "You made a student cry. Another student had an excessive reaction." Mr. Peterson says, "You call a student spitting in a teacher's face 'excessive'? That's the understatement of the year." The principal breaks it up, suggesting that they meet again the next day, by which time, if Pacey hasn't resolved to apologize, she'll have to suspend him. Pacey stares into the distance with his jaw clenched manfully.

As Pacey leaves the office, he sees Jack waiting there and tells him Jack didn't have to come down. Jack tells Pacey that Mr. Milo wanted to talk to him: "I can't imagine what about." Pacey brings Jack up to speed on the apology and says, "I told them to screw themselves." Well, not quite, but I'll let you have your moment. Jack says, "That was stupid." Pacey says, "Whose side are you on here anyway?" Jack says, "My own. I can handle my own battles, you know. I didn't need you to make a spectacle of this whole thing." Pacey says, "Whoa, stop right there, Jack. I thought I was helping you out." Jack says, "Yeah, well, you weren't. I didn't need a hero. I recognize it's an addiction of yours, but this is one instance where you should have kept your nose out of it." Pacey is stunned silent by this speech.

Outside. Ty. Jen. "Was I not fun last night?" "Some people would call it the height of hypocrisy." "My religion doesn't assume that I'm a perfect individual, Jen. In fact, it expects that I'm not...Come on, your Grams likes me." "My Grams likes what she knows about you, which apparently isn't all that much." "And you plan on keeping it that way?" "It's a thought." Whatever.

Inside, Pacey, Andie and Dawson are walking down the hall, and Andie is asking Pacey what he's going to do about Peterson. Pacey says he's going to take the suspension: "After what that man did I'm not going to apologize to him; he doesn't deserve it." Andie says it doesn't matter what he did since Pacey spit in his face. She looks to Dawson for affirmation; Dawson says nothing. Pacey says, "You too, huh?" Dawson says, "Pacey, this is serious." Pacey exclaims, "You think I don't know that?" Dawson says, as he hurries off with great cowardice, "All we're saying is make sure you're aware of the consequences." Pacey yells, "I AM aware of the consequences, all right?"

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