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To Green, With Love

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To Green, With Love

Thanks to Miss Alli, Wing Chun, and the gang on the DC forums.

Previously on Dawson's Creek: Pacey busts on Joey for going to a frat party; Joey and A.J. kiss; Grams pontificates on true love and Pacey watches Joey sleep; Joey asks Pacey his opinion of her mural, and he doesn't think much of it; Joey's mural gets improved -- uh, I mean, "defaced"; Pacey and Matt Caufield get in a fight; Principal Green expels Caufield, and Caufield threatens Principal Green with his father's mighty wrath, and Principal Green politely tells him to stow it.

Fade up on the members of the Capeside PTA, arguing and milling around and muttering "rhubarb, rhubarb." Joey "Andy Bore-hol" Potter, Pacey "Fight Club" Witter, and Dawson "Lock, Stock, And Two Flaring Nostrils" Leery sit stunned amid the chaos. "This isn't going well, is it?" Dawson mutters, and Pacey mutters back that it depends on who you ask, and Joey observes that "if you're an enraged parent with a misguided agenda, it's going great." A father bellows in the superintendent's direction that he doesn't recall the Board of Ed passing anything "that allowed a lunatic to start handing out death sentences just because one of our kids acted like a kid!" Cries of approval greet the guy's outburst. The superintendent, Dr. Fielding, tries to calm everyone down by saying that he's urged Principal Green to reconsider his decision, but that Green controls all disciplinary matters at Capeside High, period. Matt Caufield's father gets up and asks Dr. Fielding if he considers himself a member of the Capeside community. When Dr. Fielding says yes, Mr. Caufield wants to know if Dr. Fielding plans to let "the personal prejudices of an outsider" ruin Matt's future; cut to a shot of Matt, attired in his nattiest stoner-at-a-court-appearance suit and smiling vaguely. Joey hisses at Pacey that she has to say something, stands up, and calls out, "This is ridiculous, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion!" Dr. Fielding says sourly that "this is a PTA meeting, young lady, not a pep rally," and tells her to sit down. Cut to a nubile blonde, accompanied by a camera crew, surveying the room from the back and taking notes; cut back to Joey, who asks if anybody is going to defend Principal Green. Mr. Caufield says that Matt tells him Joey is the one "whose mural was destroyed." Joey says impatiently that "this has nothing to do with" her, and Mr. Caufield says she's exactly right: "What it has to do with is the scare tactics of a man whose extremism and notions of justice are better suited for urban war zones than our civilized community." Joey stares at him in disbelief before growling, "You did not just say what I think you said," and Dawson looks at Mr. Caufield disgustedly as Mr. C goes on to say that, if Principal Green did his job, "none of us would have to be here tonight." A woman on the Board reads my mind by noting that "if you were doing your job as a parent, Mr. Caufield, maybe your son would still be in school right now," and as Dawson and Pacey clap for this sentiment, the woman continues that Matt has a file in the guidance office "over an inch thick." Joey raises her brows in a "ha!" way in Mr. C's direction and says that Principal Green is a fair man. "I'm sure he seems that way to you, dear," Mr. C says, his voice dripping with condescension, "and to some of the other students whose families don't embr --" "Don't what?" Joey interrupts him with a sneer. Mr. C finishes, over groans from Pacey and others in the crowd, "Don't embrace the values that we as a community --" Dawson, to his credit, leaps to his feet and shouts at Mr. C that he doesn't know anything about Joey's family, and Dr. Fielding bangs his gavel and calls for order. In the ensuing silence, he stands to face the crowd and announces that, as of Friday at three o'clock, if Principal Green hasn't reduced Matt's expulsion "to a more reasonable sentence," he will ask Green to tender his resignation. Cheers erupt. Dawson looks stunned; Joey flops into her seat and says again, "This is ridiculous," and Pacey asks if what he thinks just happened actually happened -- if Green is getting railroaded into changing his ruling. "Either that or out of town," Dawson mutters, and Joey says, "Let's go."

Cat and hair dryer falling into bathtub at same time.

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