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Uncharted Waters

Then it's night and Dawson and The Flash are at the No-Fault Hacienda getting Dawson's gear out of the back of The Flash's SUV. The Flash is telling Dawson that father-son relationships are "excruciatingly complicated" and that he's spent his entire life trying to understand the dynamic he had with his dad: "But I'll keep trying until the day I die to do the best I can -- to be the best father to you that I know how." Dawson says he knows, and thanks him. The Flash asks for what. Dawson says, "For allowing me to make a multitude of mistakes and never making me feel inadequate. I mean, I know that my ability to dream without boundaries [GAK] comes from you. And you never disappointed me, okay? I mean, I worry about you, but I respect you more than anybody that I've ever known. And I know, especially after today, how lucky I am to have you for a father." The Flash tells him to "C'mere," and Dawson tells him not to get all sappy on him, and they hug, and The Flash thanks him. They unclinch, and then The Flash starts to go up the stairs to the house, before Dawson, and then freezes, and they exchange a stricken, awkward look. I understand why the writers want us to think that was a big deal, but hello? The Flash and his Bride have a child, and they separated under pretty amicable circumstances, all things considered. I doubt that, if this were real life, a father wouldn't go into the house with his son and at least say hello to his wife of sixteen years. But whatever. The Flash comes back down the stairs and says goodnight and walks quickly back to his SUV. Dawson hangs his head, and gazes after The Flash, and goes inside, bringing my nightmare to an end. Note to the writers: please do try to make Dawson less hateful in the coming episodes, please?

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