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Use Your Disillusion

Back at Worthington, Joey watches Dawson pack his things. He's tired, he tells her, but okay. He zips his bag, and thanks her. "All events to the contrary, you really did make me feel better," he says. Joey whimpers something. "Of course you did," he says, and hugs her. Joey wrings her hands, and assures Dawson that he's always welcome. He tells her that he'll call her, and he leaves. She makes a mopey face and looks over at the bed. Dawson has left the book she gave him.

Outside Grams's place, Tobey and Jen wait for his cab. Tobey leans against a railing and wishes that Jack would come after him and ask him to stay. "What is that?" he asks. "What is what?" Jen wonders. "That stupid fantasy you have where the guy who broke your heart suddenly realizes he's made the biggest mistake of his life and he finds you, wherever you are, and comes running up to you and says, 'I can't live without you. You are my entire universe. And if you don't take me back right now, I will never love anyone again.' Where does this fantasy come from?" Movies, Jen and I tell him in unison. "And that little place in your heart that harbors hope," Jen says. She tells Tobey that Jack will regret this. That knowledge is scant comfort for Tobey, who tells her that "someone always gets hurt worse" during a break-up, and this time, it's him. Country music twangs plaintively in the background, as the taxi pulls up and Jen and Tobey embrace. "Hold onto that Charlie," Tobey tells her. "He seems like he could be a good egg." Jen nods. Tobey takes one last look down the Jack-less sidewalk, and quietly tells Jen that he really thought Jack would come for him. Then he leaves. Bummer.

Liberty Hell. Danny breezes into the kitchen and thanks Pacey for the use of his boat; he and the wife had a ball. "I'm glad," Pacey says sadly, thinking about how his mentor is a big fat cheating bastard.

Grams's Home For Mean Frat Boys And Girls Who Are About To Be Disappointed In Their Boyfriends. Jen's making an "I'm Sorry" basket for Charlie, with a balloon and cookies and fruit. Doing his laundry isn't enough? Jack comes into the kitchen, wearing his frat blazer and tie. "I did it; I'm officially a brother!" he crows. "Congratulations. You officially suck," Jen responds. You know, Jen's being kind of judgmental about this whole frat thing. Yeah, she doesn't like them, but Jack does. Whatever happened to keeping your mouth shut? It seems to me that Jack will discover the darker side of the Greek system soon enough, anyway. I knew several guys who rushed and joined fraternities when I was a freshman and by the time we were juniors, all of them had quit.. "Whatever!" Jack says, and starts to head to his room to change his clothes. "You broke his heart. Do you even care? Because you don't seem too bent out of shape about it," Jen tells him. Jack doesn't want to discuss it. "What do you want from me?" he asks Jen. Jen wants him to "think about what [he] gave up." Jack's all, I know. "I don't even feel like I know you anymore," Jen tells him. "We haven't really been friends since you got involved with this…frat." She says the word "frat" the way other people would say "apocalyptic cult." I guess I just don't get why people are acting like Jack's new hobby is killing puppies over the weekend. He's the only person who knows if he feels comfortable as a gay guy in a fraternity, and if he does, then I don't know why everyone else doesn't keep his or her mouth shut. Admittedly, Jack handled the Tobey thing poorly, but I think that's because Jack's a jerk, not because he's in a fraternity. Or is that one of those chicken/egg things? Anyway, he tells her that he hasn't seen her much either, since she's always off with Charlie. Jen sputters that he's not being fair. "Why should I be fair, Jen? You haven't been fair to me in months," Jack tells her. "Look, we are all growing apart. Okay? So, maybe I wanted to spare Tobey a little bit of pain." Jen asks what that means. "It means…I want to meet new people. I want to have new experiences. And I don't want to have to worry about hurting someone else in the process." Jen says he should have told Tobey that. "I'm telling you that," Jack says. Oh. Well, he could have spared her some pain, I think, by saying that a little bit more diplomatically. Jen looks down, hurt. "Okay," she says, slowly, and says that she has to leave, to give Charlie his Basket O' Groveling. "Yeah," Jack says.

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