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School the next day. Drawlson stops by Wendell's locker to tell him to meet him at the mini-mart tonight for some secret gathering, and inquires about Billy Bob's location. Wendell hasn't seen him, and says that Killjoy has been riding him hard. Then we pull into Wendell's tiny little subplot for this movie. He starts bitching about Killjoy being a racist. Apparently, Wendell rushes for more than 100 yards per game, but Killjoy pulls him when the team gets close to the goal and hands the ball off to white players. Wendell has only gotten three touchdowns all season. Okay, I need to make sure I word this rant carefully. First of all, as if! And that is directed not at Wendell, but at the hack writers for resorting to this utter lunacy in order to secure Kilmer as the villain. Because it's not enough that this coach is mean, bitter, and abusive. They have to make him racist, too, so there can be no question that he's a bad, bad man. And as if a coach could ever build a championship-winning team and still engage in racist practices like that. I won't deny that such behavior most definitely exists. When I was in high school, I recall another school with a reputation for widespread racism in the treatment of its black players. But you know what else it had a reputation for? Losing. And I'm not even trying to wade into that whole minefield of "are blacks better athletes?" What I'm saying is that don't even expect me to believe that a coach who is willing to do anything to win is going to let something like race play a role in who he puts where. ANYWAY, Warren's mom has to do recruiting for him, because Killjoy doesn't care. Drawlson looks bored during Wendell's entire rant, no doubt waiting to talk about himself and his dumb ideas. Drawlson promises to get Wendell in the end zone. No, not like that. Gellaren't meets Drawlson in the hallway. They affirm their friendship, and she kisses him. Jules sees this from down the hall and gets pissed. Yawn. Why are they adding more subplots this far into the movie? At practice, Tweeder praises the concept of drugging girls to get them in the sack. I'm guessing this is his advice to Drawlson? This joke is so unfunny that its spaceship explodes on the launch pad. Drawlson asks Tweeder if he thinks he's going to enjoy prison (Ka-boom.), then books after telling Tweeder about the secret mini-mart meeting. Tweeder inspects down inside his jock and asks himself, "What the fuck is that?" (Ka-boom.) Perhaps he's the first to discover that Killjoy took his balls.

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