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Back at home, Daddy Drawlson rags on him some more. Time to bring on Beek's Oscar Clip. Oh, ha ha ha ha. I kill me. Anyway, this is his rant at Daddy, who is trying to convince him that football is the opportunity of his life: "Playing football at West Canaan is not the opportunity of my lifetime. Playing football at West Canaan may have been the opportunity of your lifetime. But. I. Don't. Want. Your. Life." Okay, a better actor could have made this point while not giving the suggestion that there's something wrong with Daddy Drawlson's life. But Beek's pronouncement is pure judgement -- "Your life sucks, and I don't want anything to do with it." As if the direction Drawlson is heading is something to be proud of. They still have done absolutely nothing in this entire movie that suggests that Drawlson is even a single IQ point smarter than anybody else around him. In the middle of this little snit fit, Drawlson's younger brother (looking completely normal) escorts Bacon in. Sugar Bob dropped the pig off with the boy, telling him that Drawlson will know how to take care of it. Drawlson drives off to the practice field, where Billy Budd is getting drunk and destroying all his football trophies with a rifle. The sound of gunshots attracts no attention from the authorities, of course, because this is Texas. The neighbors probably think they're cleaning bats out of the gymnasium. Billy Bob tosses out some trophy he got when they were nine. Drawlson said they had fun back then, but Billy Bob says he never had fun, even then. He was always being yelled at for being too fat or too slow. Ron Lester does a good job with this scene -- projecting a real mix of sorrow, guilt, and frustration. I think it's partially because there's something tangible to connect Billy Bob to the abuse heaped upon him (his weight issues) as opposed to the very vague, ill-explored desire for independence among the other boys. Now I'm wishing they had done this whole movie from his perspective instead. Hell, I'd rather see it from anybody else's perspective at this point. Anyway, Bob Bob Billy Boo says his days of playing football are over, causing Drawlson to launch into another hissyfit and tell him not to let Killjoy get to him. Bubba Bo Billy Bo Bob asks Drawlson what he should do. Drawlson tells him to quit. Wait, didn't he just tell him seconds ago not to quit? Or were we talking about a different kind of "quitting" before, what with the rifle and abandoning the pig and all?

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