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Game day. The team recites the Lord's Prayer in the locker room (sans references to faggots) as the crowd files in. Killjoy speechifies that this game is the one that matters -- for the rest of their lives. If they lose, no district championship or state title. The game starts. Drawlson uses Wendell to run the ball upfield. Wendell gets the ball to the within the ten-yard line, which triggers Killjoy's racism. He tells Drawlson to give the ball to a different runner. Wendell bitches, so Drawlson changes the play and gives the ball to Wendell, who successfully brings it in. One wrong righted. A few plays later, though, Wendell pulls a hamstring and goes down. Killjoy asks the trainer if he can fix him. They can, but only if Wendell "lets them," no doubt referring to an injection of something or other. The opposing team pulls ahead as they hit halftime. Cut to the locker room. The trainer and Killjoy have convinced Wendell to take a shot of whatever, but Drawlson interrupts them and tries to get Wendell to decline. Tweeder shows up, too. Killjoy tells them they don't know what they're talking about, but Lance limps in on crutches to tell Wendell that he knows what's going on and don't take the shot. Killjoy responds, "Are you going to listen to that from a gimp? Who's praying that we lose so he can say he was the missing link?" Oh, so now we're entering into cartoon-villain territory. And look at Drawlson's forehead. He's the only missing link around here. Billy Bob comes over and threatens to rip off Killjoy's arms and beat him to death with him if he tries to inject Wendell with drugs. I'm telling you, this movie would have been so much better from Billy Bob's point of view. I wish somebody would inject me with painkillers right now. Anyway, time for the big stand-off. Drawlson accuses the coach of caring more about the championship than the players, utterly ignoring the fact that football scholarships are probably the only way a lot of these boys are going to get into college, and that caring about winning a championship helps them. He threatens to quit if Killjoy injects Wendell. Killjoy threatens Drawlson back about Brown, but he doesn't care. Killjoy names Tweeder the quarterback, but Tweeder refuses. Sugar Bob quits too. Drawlson says, "The only way we're going back on that field is without you." Killjoy loses it and physically attacks Drawlson (finally!) and attempts to strangle him. The players pull him off. Killjoy tries to recover and orders the team out to the field, but everybody ignores him. The Guitar/Violin Duet Of The Pathetic Loser Coach plays as he attempts to get the team to follow him out the door, but they refuse. He ends up walking down the hallway alone.

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