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What Price Cable?

I need to give you the background of how I came to be able to write my first DC recap. I call it "What Price Cable? The Sequel."

Those of you in southern Ontario know that Dawson's Creek is broadcast on Global on Friday nights, whereas in the US, it's shown on Wednesday nights. I, of course, was aware of this when I undertook my commitment to the site, and I figured that a delay of two days every week wouldn't make a terribly big difference in how quickly I'd be able to post the wrap-up.

Then, thank God, my friend Shanda told me that the season premiere wouldn't be shown on Global until October 16, a week and two days after it was shown in the US. The show, as broadcast on Global, would be out of synch for the rest of the season! WHY GOD WHY?

It was either spring for the deluxe cable package -- two iterations of the WB, plus UPN, as well as TMN, the movie channels -- or give up doing the site. Since the cable bill would be tax-deductible as soon as the site went live, I decided to get the extra cable, and called up Rogers Monday, October 5, to make an appointment for an installer to bring a transmitter box. The appointment was set for 3 PM, Thursday, October 8.

I happened to be home that day with a cold, so I was there to take the call from the installation centre. The installer who was supposed to come with our box had had two appointments that afternoon, of which ours was the second. At the first house, the box he had brought exploded due to electrical problems, so the installer gave them what was to be our box, and hence didn't have a box to give us, and wouldn't have time to go get one and make it back to our place before the end of his shift. Had I known what was going to happen, I would have told the dispatcher who spoke to me that the installer could just forget about the end of his shift and get me a box pronto. As it was, we arranged for an installer to come Friday, October 9, at 3 PM. Before I hung up, I asked the dispatcher:

"Am I right in thinking that, because the appointment was missed through lack of preparation on your part, I won't be paying for this installation?"

"I don't know about that," the dispatcher replied.

"I think you do know about that," I answered, "and I think I will be getting installation for free."

"Well, I'll have to speak to my supervisor about that," he said.

"Please do," I said.

The next day I was back at work. I was getting ready to leave around 6:15 when it occurred to me that, in all the times Glark had called me that day, not once had he mentioned whether the cable had been successfully installed. Curious, I called and asked whether anyone had shown up at 3 PM. He said no one had, and gave me the number to call and start raising hell.

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