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Night. Car. Steel mills passing by outside. Douglas's mid-life crisis is now in full bloom. He yells at Tobey and rails against the injustices of the world. All his writing is meaningless, because people don't think anymore, and when they do, it's not about writing. I don't know about that. I've been thinking about writing a lot doing this recap, mostly because it's giving me a case of writer's block like you wouldn't believe. Which is perhaps not surprising, given that this is a movie about writer's block, but it's still driving me (and Michael Douglas) crazy. Anyway, Tobey tells him that his writing does mean something, because it's the only reason he decided to go to college. Douglas apologizes, and decides they need some food. They pull into a diner. Tobey wants to go back to the bus station, because they have really good cheese sandwiches in the vending machines. Douglas sends him inside, and then goes to the phone. He calls information and tries to get Tobey's parents' number. Only the operator has no record of the small town or the mannequin factory. "Are you sure?" asks Douglas. "It's not like I'm making this up…" He looks through the window at Tobey and realizes just who actually is making it up. He searches through Tobey's bag for information, and comes up with his registration forms from the university. Finally, he joins Tobey inside for dinner. They argue about whether his fainting incidents are "spells" or "episodes." I believe I referred to them as spells earlier in the recap, so we're going to go with that as the definitive answer. Outside, a car pulls up, and Douglas goes back out. It's Tobey's parents, and his mom is played by Kelly Bishop, better known these days as Emily Gilmore. She's basically playing Emily Gilmore here as well, so that's probably a good thing. Douglas goes back inside to get Tobey. When Tobey realizes what's going on, he doesn't want to go. He also tells us that they're his grandparents, not his parents, and they keep him locked in the basement. He neglects to mention the Cask of Amontillado they keep down there with him, but I gave up counting Edgar Allan Poe references about half an hour ago. My Achy-Breaky Tell-Tale Heart just can't take it anymore. Douglas yells at Tobey for lying to him about the bus station and the mannequin factory. He piles him into the car, and they drive off, splashing muddy water all over Douglas. He sighs and climbs back into his own car, where Tobey has once again forgotten his bookbag. Douglas settles in and begins to read Tobey's novel.

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