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Morning. Party debris close-up. That sounds more like a Kid Rock album than Black Sabbath. Douglas tries to write, but he's still blocked. Doorbell. It's Sara. She knows that Tobey is the one who killed Poe. She just wants the jacket back. Douglas goes to get it out of the car, but then realizes that his car has been stolen. He can't believe it. Cue the cops, who pull up in front of them. No wacky hijinx this time -- they just want to arrest Tobey. Douglas goes inside to get him, and finds him in bed with RDJ. I think it's safe to say that some macking occurred. Also, nuggin', smashing, toying, schmiggling, and possibly de-greening, although we're never told for sure (thanks, Lauren). Tobey tells Douglas he's not looking too good, but Douglas says he's fine. "Oh yeah, you're fit as a fucking fiddle," responds Tobey. RDJ tells us that's he's planning to publish Tobey's novel. Outside. Tobey is being led into the police car. It's pouring rain, and Douglas is still wearing the pink robe. Tobey tells him that "[he's] the best professor [Tobey] has ever had." The cops drive him away. The weather gets even worse, as dark clouds build on the horizon. Sara asks Michael "Black Rain" Douglas if he happened to call the house last night. He tells her that he told Walter that he was in love with her. Walter asked her about it, to which she replied, "That doesn't sound like [him]." Ahh, subtext. She leaves, and Douglas goes back inside. RDJ wants to know what they should do next. Douglas wants to go retrieve his car, and the jacket. They decide to borrow Katie's car. He goes to her room, where she explains that she couldn't finish his book because she fell asleep. "That good, huh?" he asks. If anyone reading this recap is still awake, I'm sure they feel the same way. He asks for her opinion. She tells him she thinks it's a little too detailed what with "the genealogy of everyone's horses, and the dental records." She suggests that maybe Michael "Romancing the Bong" Douglas shouldn't get stoned so often. He appears to accept this suggestion, but then tells her that he's not the first writer to get stoned every now and then. Michael "Jewel of Denial" Douglas goes on to mention that he wrote his successful first novel stoned, and accepted his literary award the same way. He takes the keys and the book and leaves. Downstairs, RDJ asks if he can see the book. Douglas slaps his hand away. RDJ also wants to know how Douglas plans to get his car back. Douglas thinks Vernon Hardapple stole it. Downey wants to know how he knows. "He said a few things that led me to believe that the car belonged to him," answers Douglas. "Such as?" "That's my car, motherfucker." Heh. Turns out the guy who gave Douglas the car because he owed him money stole the car from Vernon.

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