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As he wanders the halls, he removes the pink robe. He considers it for a moment, and then tosses it in the garbage. He heads for Sara's office, but it's deserted when he gets there. The sound of applause leads him back to the lecture hall, where WordFest is wrapping up. Walter announces that Tobey's book is being published by RDJ, only he calls it "The Lovely Parade." That one could be a Black Sabbath album, but just barely. Applause all around. Katie looks happy. Douglas yells for him to take a bow. The kids who mocked his story in the opening scene look put out. Oh my god, Tobey actually smiled! He does have emotions! Of course, it wasn't even a half-smile (I'd say it's about an eighth, to continue with our drug theme), but it's definitely a start. Michael "Wonder Boys" Douglas calls Tobey a "wonder boy." Walter goes on to announce that RDJ will also be publishing his own book, a critical look at DiMaggio and Monroe called "The Last American Marriage." Sara looks mortified by the title. She leaves. Douglas tries to follow her out, but he's interrupted by Q. When he finally gets away, she's gone. He wanders the halls looking for her before finally settling down on a bench overlooking a stairwell. This scene is filmed in the science building at CMU, and I've taken several classes there over the years. I've sat on that exact bench. Anyway, he pulls the pot out of his jacket and considers it for a moment. He leans over the stairwell railing and spots Good Will Bunting polishing the floors below. "You get high?" he asks. "Only when I'm working," replies Good Will. Me too. By the way: You should give it a try, mom. Douglas tosses the pot down to him. There's a cool shot of him almost falling over the railing as he has another spell, and then the voice-over comes on and we fade out. Cut to the future. A clean-cut looking Michael Douglas is tapping away on his laptop. We see that the story he's writing is the movie we just watched. He voices-over everyone's outcome: Tobey went to New York with RDJ, Katie is a junior editor in Paris. Douglas? Well, he lost everything, and found the only thing that matters. Yeah, it's a cliché, but it works here. Outside the window, we see Sara pull up and fetch a baby out of the back seat. She looks up and smiles at him. Laptop close-up. Douglas clicks save, and we're out. By the way, if you really were wondering what it would be like to actually see Robert Downey Jr. take drugs, too bad. He never actually does it on camera. Pesky parole conditions. Also, if you were wondering if this movie is any good, it is. And if you're wondering why Dawson doesn't get Oscar-worthy scripts for his film roles, well, I want some of whatever you're smoking. Peace out, dudes.

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