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They sneak back into the house, only to be busted by Katie. Everyone is heading over to the WordFest itself. Just then, RDJ and Antonia come down the steps, with wrinkled clothes and a post-coital glow. RDJ is thrilled to meet Tobey, who conveys nervous anxiety by looking down and to the left. That's it. Down and to the left. Down and to the left. Katie makes the film's one concession to contrived dialogue when she points out apropos of nothing that Tobey knows all about suicidal movie stars. And she's not kidding either. He reels off a list of about a dozen celebs who offed themselves, including Dorothy Dandridge, William Inge, George Reeves (TV's Superman), and Lupe Velez. Most of them were drug related, and I can't help but notice that RDJ is listening to all this quite intensely. Having read the novel this film is based on many years ago, I was anxiously awaiting this scene from the moment I found out that Downey had been cast. Now that it's here, I'm forced to admit that it was weird and more than a little unsettling. It's also important to know that RDJ is doing some full-throttle flirting with Tobey while he lists the names. Anyway, Katie, Antonia, and RDJ head off to WordFest. Douglas leads Tobey upstairs. In the master bedroom, Douglas enters a code into a safe, and opens it to reveal a rather plain looking brown jacket. Then we pull back to a black-and-white photo of the jacket, except it's being worn by Marilyn Monroe on her wedding day to Joe DiMaggio. When Tobey realizes what he's looking at, he flips out. He's petting the jacket and cooing about how happy she must have been. Given the level of creepiness he's exuded so far, I'm surprised he doesn't put it on and start singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." Instead, he starts crying, talking about how lonely the jacket looks in the closet. Douglas hears a noise outside and suggests that they get moving. He heads out into the hallway, only to be accosted by Poe. Douglas tries to sneak by, but Poe hasn't lost his sense of smell, and much like my own dog, he knows pot when he smells it. Poe runs up and sinks his teeth into Douglas's ankle. There's some struggling and grunting, and then Tobey suddenly appears, pistol in hand. He caps Poe with two in the chest. Bark the doggie, nevermore. There's a moment of shock, and then Douglas drags himself to his feet. His ankle is bleeding. They argue about whether or not it was necessary to kill the dog. Tobey freaks out and wants to get a mirror to see if Poe is still breathing. Douglas takes the gun away from him.

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