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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Sarah brings Mason something in an Irish coffee glass and they sit in front of the fire, chatting. Sarah tells Mason that she tried with the DeLucas but to no avail. Mason tells her it was the right thing to do. Sarah asks if he's still pissed at her. "A little," Mason says, "but not as much." Sarah tells him she wants them to get passed it all for both their sakes, "I don't want this hanging over our heads." "What you did," Mason tells her, "is why I don't have a lot of respect for journalists." Sarah laughs, "And what you and Owens did is why I don't have a lot of respect for politicians." Mason nods.

Mason, like Sarah, pays a conscience call outside of the political arena. Mason visits the home of one of the teen murderers and starts talking to the father as he works in the yard. "Owens? You're the guys who want to put me in jail," Mr. England says. Mason is silent. Mr. England gets up, "You know, I've spent every single night since that poor girl died torturing myself with this question: Am I to blame?" Mason asks, "What did you come up with?" "There were no signs that we missed--that we screwed up somehow. We didn't see it coming. We did our job and still we failed. And what I'm responsible for now, Mr. Scott, is my terrible grief. For the DeLucas and their loss and for my son. And that's something your amendment doesn't take into account. You're just looking for people to blame," with that, Mr. England returns to his yard work and Mason thinks.

Mason walks purposefully to Owens' office. Molly tries to stop him, "Mason, please, not a good idea." Mason tells her he has to, so Molly sighs and lets him go. Owens turns to him, "I guess you think at this point you've got nothing to lose, huh?" Mason agrees with him. "There was a terrible tragedy, a girl died and I wanted to shed some light on it," Owens tells him. Mason tells him he understands but he thinks they made a mistake, then corrects himself to say that he made the mistake. Mason tells Owens that the amendment is too simplistic, "It's knee-jerk." Owens looks at him, "Well, I've just been invited on to 'Meet the Press' this Sunday, Mason, so be sure not to watch and miss all my misguided thoughts." Mason asks him to look at something. "Your resignation?" Owens asks. "Not yet," Mason tells him, "I know you had someone else write the amendment but I decided to write a version as well. I believe this addresses some new concerns and takes into account something about parents who do try." Owens reads aloud from Mason's amendment, "'Our society suffers no greater tragedy [oh, come now, isn't that a bit of a hyperbole?] than when the children of good people do unspeakable things.'" Owens tells Mason his amendment is good and smart. Mason exhales on a job well done.

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