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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Back at the mansion, the move of the Sorrenson's precious valuables continues. "Remind me to tell you sometime about a girl named Julia," Pete says to Mason. "Now is probably not the best time," Mason tells him as Finley swirls by with popcorn and tells them to be careful with what they are carrying. This from the girl who carries a bowl of greasy popcorn in one hand and a precious painting in the other. "This girl Julia, not an intern, I hope?" Mason asks. "Give me a little credit. I have some standards," Pete says through a mouthful of popcorn. "If no shame," Finley sings out. "Oh, I love those stinging barbs," Pete banters back. They all file into the kitchen carrying the precious draperies, paintings and various large knickknacks. Lewis bustles in carrying groceries and Lucy tries to play. "Lucy, down please!" Lewis says. Sarah tells him she likes that he says "please" to the dog. Pete congratulates Finley on her new job and through all this hullabaloo Lucy whines, because I think someone has forgotten to feed her again. Pete makes some comment about the fridge being closed for the night while Sarah and Lewis play kissy-face. Everyone else leaves the kitchen and on her way out, Finley closes the door on the kissing couple. And on the series.

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