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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Nonsense theme song. Who is this anyway? Dumb commercials using sex to sell breath mints and razor blades.

Mason and Molly (the woman who last week reminded me of Karen from Will and Grace) are walking with Owens, who's bitching about being re-elected, "I need an issue with my name on it. Something so big no one's even going to think about running against me next year." Karen suggests drunk driving but Owens shoots her down, telling her that MADD has it covered and the laws are already so tough that "if they get any tougher [he'll] need a chauffeur to get [him] back from lunch." Mason suggests the tragedy of the most recent teen murder. Owens asks him to elaborate. Mason does, "So the omnibus crime bill is up next week, what about an Owens amendment to deal with parental responsibility." The three of them breeze through the Congressman's main office and Karen brushes off those clamoring for Owens' attention and signals for Mason to follow them into Owens' private office. "More," Owens tells Mason. "Clean and simple, hold parents accountable. Bring the whole idea of accountability back to American life," Mason tells him. "I'm listening," Owens says. Mason takes a deep breath, "After Columbine, the feds went into the family basements and found guns and explosives all over the place. What were the parents thinking? People are fed up." Owens tells Mason to rough out a draft of the amendment and to keep him apprised of any changes, "I don't want any surprises." Mason is astounded that he's going to write it and Owens tells him, "You said you came here to make laws -- so make." Molly leads the dumbfounded Mason out of the office, and tells Owens that she will contact the bereaved parents (except she says "dead girl's" -- politicos can be so cold and unfeeling) and see if they can get them to join in support of the amendment: "Maybe we can get them on board and give this thing a real launch."

At CNL, Sarah's boss, Packman, has gathered his staff around to stress the importance of getting all over the teen murder, "We cannot over-cover. These kids are in junior high." Some media toady says, "We're on it. We've got the dead girl's house staked out in Anacostia, they're not talking yet." Packman decrees, "Well, keep a crew there 24-7. If they so much as peek through the blinds, I want footage. Give me angles I can't get anywhere else!" Sarah approaches him and tells him that the story really touched her. Packman asks her what she wants. She wants to cover it, as a reporter. They are interrupted by the aforementioned Media Toady who tells them that Senator Owens has called a press conference for that afternoon and that it's somehow tied to the murder. Packman wonders what his angle is since it's not his district (not his district? It's not even his state!). Sarah demands to be given the chance to find out since she knows someone in Owens' office. Media Toady is skeptical, "What is this, a close friend like someone you shared a cab with once?" Sarah tells Packman and Toady, "Like under the same roof close." Packman assents by telling her she doesn't have much time. Sarah darts off.

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