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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Mason is busily typing away at his amendment using only his index fingers. As the camera pans around we see a poster in the background from the 1970s which reads: "Michigan. Great Lakes. Great Culture." The receptionist tells Mason that there's "a young woman" to see him. "Unless it's Hillary Clinton, I pass," Mason tells her. "She says she's a friend," the receptionist says. Mason sees that it's Sarah, come to suck his blood. Mason gets up and points to the doorway. They go out into the hall where Mason tells her that his ass is on the line. Sarah tells him hers is on the line as well because she has her first shot at national story and it's Owens. "What about Owens," Mason asks guardedly. "You tell me. What's the press conference for?" Sarah asks. Mason asks if she's asking as a reporter or a co-habitant. Sarah smiles winningly. "Come on, Mason, lighten up," she says. Sharp-as-a-tack-Mason tells her that's not an answer. Sarah asks if he realizes what this means to her career. Mason says, "Now that's an answer. Here's mine: no." Sarah tries to bribe him with her first-born, Redskins box seat season tickets, and her personally autographed Bruce Springsteen poster. When Springsteen was tossed on the table, Mason realizes how important this story is to her. "We got the DeLucas," Mason tells her. Sarah's astounded and asks how they did that. Mason tells him they called them up, told them Owens' agenda and asked for their support. Sarah asks what Owens' agenda is. No beef with Mason. Sarah says, "CNL wants the first interview." "And I want a shot with Gwyneth Paltrow [what a coincidence, so do I, with a mud pie]," Mason tells her. Sarah asks how the DeLucas are getting to the press conference, Mason tells her they are sending a car to pick them up. Sarah asks for a seat in that car, "I've gotta be in that car!" "Get a grip!" Mason tells her. Yeah, really. "I'm going to be in that car," Sarah says jabbing a finger in Mason's face. Mason tells her it's impossible even if he wanted to help her, which he doesn't. "Who can you trust more? I'll handle it with kid gloves. I'll make them look great. I'll make Owens look great!" Sarah says. Oh, and is that a knife hidden behind your back, Sarah? Mason tells her he'll get back to her. What a complete doofus, does he honestly think he can trust her?

Pete is anxiously waiting in a restaurant booth for his gun lobbyist person to show up. There's some commotion in the restaurant as a well-dressed man makes his unctuous way toward Pete, greasing the palms of friends along the way. Pete stands up to have his palm greased but Dryden slides past him and sits down. "Tell me, how did you get so far off track, Peter Komisky?" Dryden asks. Pete is confused. Dryden references Pete's résumé, "From National Honors to Animal Rights Activist?" Pete looks down and smiles, "I took the job to impress a girl I wanted to sleep with. She had six cats, two ferrets and a membership to the Sierra Club." "Did you get this girl?" Dryden asks. "Didn't even get the ferrets," Pete cracks and continues, "Mr. Dryden, if I'm so far off the track, how come I'm sitting at this table and still in the running for a job?" Dryden tells him he sees hundreds of résumés slide past his desk a week and Pete's stood out because of one line: deckhand. "Never saw that one before." Um, that's a word, not a line.

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