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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Some aide of Owens' is speaking to Mason on a cell phone, "We're almost at the house, you sure she can be trusted?" "Super sure," Mason's voice comes back over the line. The aide passes the phone to Sarah who acts like Miss Too Big For Her Britches when she speaks to him. "Don't forget what we talked about, you gotta make Owens look good," Mason says anxiously. "I'll see you at home, Mason," Sarah says languidly and snaps the phone shut. Back in Owens' office, Molly asks Mason, "Are we good?" "Totally," Mason says, not at all convinced himself.

The scene at the DeLucas' home is a media circus. Owens' aide leads the grieving couple out of the house, past all the reporters and into the car where Sarah lies in wait. Sarah adopts a muted voice of concern as she thanks the couple for talking with her, she motions at her crew to start filming and tells them how sorry she is for their loss. Then she pauses and asks her crew how the light is. The camera man tells her they are getting a "bounce" from the front window. He turns to the aide who is monitoring the interview from the front seat and tells him they need the divider up because of the "bounce back." The aide glares, "John, put up the damn divider," he tells the chauffeur. Sarah proceeds with the interview as the car speeds through the streets of Toronto, I mean, the District.

Owens gives his spiel about his new amendment to the crime bill while the DeLucas stand numbly by. After it's over, Owens thanks the DeLucas for coming out to support him. He chats with his aides and asks how they think "it" went. Molly gives him an A- because, although Owens' speech was great, she thought the DeLucas were "a little deer-in-headlights." Owens admonishes her by reminding her they just lost their child and aren't media savvy. Owens turns to the aide who rode along in the car with the DeLucas and Sarah, "How did the interview go?" "Great, from what I could hear," the aide tells him. "From what you could hear?" Owens repeats questioningly. The aide explains that there was a problem with the lighting so the divider had to go up. Owens asks about the intercom in the back of the limo. The aide tells him the sound guy said there was too much traffic and engine noise. Owens rubs his head, "Wait a minute, you let a rookie reporter talk without supervision to grieving parents unaccustomed to dealing with the press." The aide stammers that he's sorry and Owens says, "So am I, you're fired!" The aide glares at Mason and walks away.

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