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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Pete walks into the G'ton mansion sporting his new sex-blessed Armani threads. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," he pouts to Lewis and Finley who are assembled around the boob tube in the living room. Finley comments that they'll try to find another reason. Pete tells them he thinks he got a job with Dryden and comments that his jacket is virgin wool. Lewis and Finley congratulate him and Finley tells him to take off his pants. "Why, Finley, you make me blush," says he-who-just-had-sex-in-a-Neiman-Marcus-dressing-room. Finley tells him it's so he won't wrinkle them when he watches television. As he sits down, Pete comments that he doesn't have time to watch television now that he's "a big time lobbyist." Finley tells him to get over himself because Sarah's on the evening news. Pete is perplexed, "Huh?" Lewis clicks to CNL.

In Owens' office, Mason, Molly, and the Congressman are assembled to watch the interview. "I hope your friend realizes what you did for her," Owens says to Mason. The interview comes on and the gist of it is, Sarah screws Mason. Nothing is said in support of Owens' amendment, instead, Sarah gets the DeLucas to say that the parents aren't responsible and that only the teens who murdered their daughter should be punished. Of course, this is undermines Owens' whole reason for bringing the DeLucas out to hear his press conference. At CNL, Sarah is ecstatic as her co-workers cheer and Packman slaps her on the back for a job well done.

In Owens' office, Molly clicks off the set and says, "We just killed our own amendment. Your friend certainly came through for you, Mason." Owens says that they have a screw-up of monumental proportions because Mason's ambitious friend got the DeLucas to say things that are at complete odds with the legislation inspired by their daughter's death. Mason just sits there mouth agape, looking like a fish out of water.

Back at the G'ton mansion, Finley is snapping Polaroid photos of the living room. "See, now we can remember where to put them back!" she announces as Pete nearly drops a painting he's taking down from the wall. "Do you see why I want to put these things in the attic?" She says. Pete mimics her voice and they do a little slap-and-tickle flirting. Sarah walks in and Finley congratulates her, "Well, I hope they noticed you did a damn good job and didn't just think your hair looked bad." "It did?" Sarah creels. Pete walks in and congratulates Sarah as Mason walks in. "Mason!" she says. "The Late Mason, you killed me!" he tells her. Sarah doesn't get what he's talking about. Mason explains angrily that he watched the interview with Owens' in his office, "Do you have any idea what that was like?" Sarah tells him she was just doing her job. "We had a deal! You were supposed to set up Owens' press conference and instead you tricked the DeLucas in to burying his amendment!" Mason shouts. Sarah tells him he's irrational (oh, he's

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