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Who wants to play the Blame Game?
the irrational one? How does she think she was acting when she demanded an in with the DeLucas?) and that she didn't trick them and that she wasn't there working for Owens, "That's not how it works," she finishes. Mason repeats her words and looks at her in disgust, "God, just listen to yourself," and walks out of the room. Sarah stands looking at him. This time she's not sleeveless but she's still a bitch.

Pete and Mason are out for a morning jog and Mason's wearing that Harvard tee shirt again. Mason's venting his spleen to Pete, "She used me, pure and simple." Pete tells him it's not that simple and that Sarah was just doing her job. Mason says he needs a thicker skin to work there and isn't sure he can deal with it. Pete tells him his skin gets thicker every day, "And what doesn't kill you, yada yada yada." Mason tells him he doesn't think it's a great way to live. Mason and Pete enter the house, sweaty and out of breath. Mason meets Sarah's eye and glares at her in response. Sarah snaps her paper and looks down. Finley looks from one to the other and says, "Look, none of this would've happened if I hadn't mentioned accountability." Pete tries to say it was his fault for not insisting they switched to ESPN. Lewis asks what the hell is going on and Mason tells him that one way or another his career is in the toilet. Lewis tells him to calm down, and Sarah snipes at him saying she can fight her own battles, then she stands up to give a little speech. You guys were so hot for your photo op, you never bothered to consider how the DeLucas really felt. You just propped them up like life-sized cardboard cut-outs. I threw them a big softball: 'And what about the parents.' They told me their real feelings. What am I supposed to do, not follow up? I had to pursue it. It was great TV." Mason jumps at her, "Great TV, exactly, and that justifies you being Miss Judas?" Sarah tells him she's not going to have "this conversation" with him and leaves the kitchen. Mason says, "Fine," and starts to leave by the back door. Lewis stops him saying, "You might not like what Sarah did, but why don't you actually consider what the DeLucas said?" Mason looks at Lewis, looks down, looks thoughtful and leaves the house. Pete looks at Finley and Lewis, thinking, "I had sex in a Neiman Marcus dressing room!"

Finley impresses some curator in a non-existent D.C. museum because she knew what the duel between Andrew Jackson and Dickinson was about when the docent didn't. In fact, not only did Finley know about the duel but she dramatizes it in detail for the tour group. It is hideous, she even quotes Karl Marx.

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