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Who wants to play the Blame Game?

Sarah arrives at the DeLucas' house and tells them that she mislead them in order to gain their confidence. The DeLucas get upset, "Young lady, this isn't about getting a story!" Mr. DeLuca says. "I know that now," Sarah says, quietly. "It's about a beautiful young girl with her whole life ahead of her!" Mr. DeLuca finishes. Both parents tear up and Mr. DeLuca tells Sarah he thinks she should go. Sarah gets up to leave and Mrs. DeLuca stops her, "I think you should know this, you were kind and polite. We would have talked to you anyway." Sarah snuffles and leaves.

Pete goes to his new job. Dryden walks in and introduces him to everyone within hearing range. A tarted-up redhead asks Pete what clients he's bringing in with him. "None, I come alone," Pete says. Dryden tells Pete to tell her about his many new business possibilities. Pete tells her that he's had conversations with people at the Smithsonian about programs that need assistance. "In other words, zilch since the federal government does not use lobbyists," the redhead says. "This is the Associates Program, which utilizes private funding," Pete corrects her. "Are you sleeping with any of these associates?" Redhead asks. "Not, yet. Just associating." The Redhead smiles and releases him. "I talked to Julia today," Dryden tells him once everyone has left. Pete smoothes his suit, "Armani Julia?" "She wanted me to hear all about your fitting," Dryden says. Pete looks scared and Dryden closes in on him, "I send a lot of people over there to be remodeled. They all flip for her and they all do their damnedest but not one of them wound up doing a drive-by with her in a dressing room." Pete looks really scared, "I don't kiss and tell, sir." "She does. She was impressed. So am I," Dryden says walking away. Could we glorify meaningless, depersonalized sex any more? Well, hell, if our Pres does it in D.C., why not WB?

Finley is having a heart-to-heart with the museum curator, explaining her life's ambitions or lack thereof and how it's all because she looks up to Mason being the Perfect Twin. "Then one day I was in my room at Cornell and I realized that using grad school to avoid another four years of my life was the least responsible thing I could do. So I figured I owed it to myself to really figure out who I was. Not what my parents or my brother expected me to be," Finley explains. Oh, hello enlightenment. The curator asks how they can expect Finley to be there in a month or a week if she's so flighty about her plans. Finley tells her it's because now she is being responsible and because of that she gets closer to figuring out who she is. The curator tells her they owe it to Andrew Jackson to give her a try.

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