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What price, justice?

A family pastor is praying at Lewis's family table. "Amen," everyone says, including Sarah who is breaking bread with the family while attired in yet another tight, sleeveless knit thing. Lewis speaks: "All right, the most important thing to do now is start planning a defense. Tomorrow morning, we start meeting with attorneys; by the afternoon, we should have one hired." An older relative speaks up: "I thought you were going to defend Tyrrell yourself." Lewis tells his family that if it was just breaking and entering, he could have defended Tyrrell himself but now that it's up to three counts of larceny, plus possible grand theft, and that they are therefore going to need a criminal lawyer. Lewis continues that he will try to save the family some money by filing all the papers and doing the legal grunt work himself but it's still going to be expensive. He tells them that Tyrrell could be facing up to five years in prison. Tyrrell looks down at his plate in agony. The older relative speaks again: "If you think hiring a lawyer is right, that's what we'll do."

Outside, the family pastor walks and talks with Lewis. "I like Tyrrell, I think he's a good kid. I know you want to help him, and I know you want to help your family but this situation is going to taint everything around it. Don't let it taint you." Lewis tells him he doesn't understand his point. The pastor explains: "Now, I know you try to be modest and some of that's real and some of it's just an act. But, well, you're different. People who you don't even know are proud of you. People at the church, I mean their kids are complaining that the whole system is against them. They say, 'Look at Lewis Freeman, grew up three houses down, mother was an addict, damn near almost left him an orphan, still he went to Yale. Now he's working at the Supreme Court.' Local boy makes good." Lewis asks, "And you think that by getting involved, I'm tarnishing that perfect image? What kind of man would I be if I backed away from my family when they need me most? You're saying I shouldn't help my cousin!" The pastor clarifies: "I'm saying, watch your pride. Only Jesus Christ can save a man. You start thinking you can do things you can't, you're going to find yourself humbled, very quickly," the pastor warns him with the tone of one speaking in a foreshadowing way.

Back at the mansion, Pete, Finley and Mason discuss the neighborly advice Pete was given as they put groceries away. "What did this Dr. Keppler say?" Mason asks. "Well, it wasn't a threat exactly, more like a warning. Plus he thinks I'm you, so don't be yourself if you meet him," Pete tells him. "Who should I be?" Mason asks stupidly. "Eli the Castrato, I don't care!" Pete says. Mason grins then protests, "Hey, we bought that together!" to Finley who is marking a bottle of juice. "I put your name on it!" Finley says showing him the bottle. Lewis walks in; "Hey," he says tiredly. Finley tells him they all need to talk. "I know, the police were here," Lewis says. Mason tells him that the neighbors are beginning to ask questions. Lewis tells them that he let his cousin register his car there because it was eight hundred dollars less a year. "How could you do that?" Finley asks, obviously forgetting that she is illegally subletting the guest apartment. "Finley, your car is still registered at Cornell. Don't start lecturing me about ethics," Lewis tells her. Mason tells Lewis that his actions jeopardized the house for everyone. "And I'm sorry, I'm sorry that this happened. But it's done, and I have more important things to deal with now," Lewis tells him, walking away. Mason -- never knowing where he really isn't wanted -- follows him, "Sorry isn't good enough! What if the Sorrensons find out the police were here? We could lose the place!" "And whose fault is that?" Lewis bites back. "If you and Finley had gotten a legitimate lease, none of this would be an issue, so stop trying to throw it back on me!" Lewis slams his door. Mason looks accusingly at Sarah who glares at him and follows her boyfriend into their room.

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